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Steven Zhang, President

Wikimedia Australia is run by a committee that is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The committee comprises four office-bearers and four "ordinary" members.


Steven Zhang is from Melbourne and has been editing Wikimedia projects for nearly six years. On wiki, most of his activities include dispute resolution and mediation, including improving processes and helping out at the dispute resolution noticeboard, which he created. He has previously worked for the Wikimedia Foundation as a research fellow, and volunteers on the Wikimedia Grantmaking Advisory and Individual Engagement Grant committees.


Gideon Digby is a photographer from Perth and has been editing since 2005. Created the Quality image process on Commons in 2006 to recognise and improve the work of photographers providing image to Wikimedia projects. Additionally Gideon has been running editing workshops in Western Australian since 2010, and been leading the development of WikiTown projects like Freopeda.


Andrew Owens is from Perth and has been editing since 2006, writing on Western Australian topics as well as politics, local government and urban geography. He is also secretary of the Mathematics Association of WA, and ran Wiki Takes Joondalup in late 2011.


Michael Billington

Ordinary members

Charles Gregory has been editing the English Wikipedia since 2002, particularly focused on articles linked to his home state of Tasmania. He is involved in Wikimedia Hobart events, including meetups and outreach/training work. He is the chapter's representative on the Wikimedia Chapters Association Council, and also handles the chapter's social media channels.


Pru Mitchell is based in Melbourne and works in the education and GLAM sectors, and is interested in furthering the objects of Wikimedia in those areas.


Kerry Raymond is a retired Professor of Computer Science at Queensland University of Technology, where her main duties were in research management. She is a graduate member of the Australian Institute for Company Directors. Kerry's skills include those relating to governance, strategy, finance, and establishing and running large collaborative projects.

She served on the 2012-2013 committee, as its vice president for part of the term.


Craig Franklin works as a business analyst, focusing on statutory financial reporting, cost accounting, and business intelligence. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the Queensland University of Technology and is studying for a Master's degree in library science and knowledge management. He has been involved in Wikimedia since 2004, creating dozens of new articles, especially on Australian history, political figures, and cricketers.

He served as the treasurer on the 2010-2013 committees, and as president for most of the 2013 committee.



You can write to the committee at

Any committee member can be individually contacted at (e.g. for Jane Doe, email

History of the committee

Official observers of the committee are in italics.

Term Time in office President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Ordinary Members
7 5 October 2014 – present Steven Zhang Gideon Digby Andrew Owens, Michael Billington Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory, Craig Franklin, Kerry Raymond
6 23 November 2013 – 5 October 2014<ref>committee structure changed to 4 officers and 4 general members at the 2012 AGM</ref> Steven Zhang Gideon Digby Andrew Owens Michael Billington<ref>The AGM was held on 23 November 2013, but there was no nominee for Treasurer and the position was declared vacant. On 4 December 2013, Michael Billington was co-opted to fill the role.</ref> Robert Myers, Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory, Craig Franklin, Kerry Raymond
5 18 July – 23 November 2013 Craig Franklin Kerry Raymond Graham Pearce John Vandenberg Steven Zhang, Charles Gregory
17 March – 18 July 2013 Craig Franklin vacant Graham Pearce John Vandenberg Kerry Raymond, Steven Zhang, Charles Gregory
25 November 2012 – 17 March 2013 John Vandenberg Graham Pearce Charles Gregory Craig Franklin Kerry Raymond, Steven Zhang
4 23 October – 25 November 2012 John Vandenberg Laura Hale Charles Gregory Craig Franklin Graham Pearce
9 October 2011 – 23 October 2012 John Vandenberg Laura Hale Anne Frazer Craig Franklin Charles Gregory, Graham Pearce
3 16 April – 9 October 2011 John Vandenberg Adam Jenkins Anne Frazer Craig Franklin Andrew Owens, Charles Gregory
9 September 2010 – 16 April 2011 John Vandenberg Adam Jenkins Sarah Ewart Craig Franklin Andrew Owens, Charles Gregory
2 26 May – 19 September 2010 Steve Peters Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Brian Salter-Duke Andrew Owens
9–26 May 2010 Steve Peters Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Steve Peters Andrew Owens, Brian Salter-Duke
29 November 2009 – 8 May 2010 Brianna Laugher Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Steve Peters Andrew Owens, Brian Salter-Duke
1 11 January – 29 November 2009 Brianna Laugher Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Brian Salter-Duke Nathan Carter, John Vandenberg
Interim 20 May 2008 – 11 January 2009 Stephen Bain, Daniel Bryant, Nathan Carter, Sarah Ewart, Charles Gregory, Brianna Laugher, John Vandenberg


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