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Understand your final output.

Once more, apparent question right? Have you been taking care of an animation or printing task? Tall poly or low poly. What is the scale? How detail that is much needed? They are the relevant concerns to ask prior to starting building models. I hate seeing musician spend hours working backwards or redoing the job since they don't demonstrably define the project or poor planning. In an expert environment - time is associated with the essence - when there are numerous artist's focusing on the task any downtime is compounded quickly - you won't get that right back.

If it appears right, it most likely is.

This is the one that is important. It is a world that is visual there. Today individuals are surrounded by screens, billboards, publications, etc. We are literally bombarded by visual information for several waking hours regarding the time. Therefore we've create a pretty good artistic language. If something looks "right" they will accept it by having a blink of a eye and won't also think. Nonetheless, if one thing is going of destination or looks "funny" is clearly "wrong" - and everybody will notice immediately. Create 3D models that look right - even in the event they'ren't always perfect. For as long that you couldn't figure out as it looks right - it will be accepted by the eye - and nobody will notice those little details. Don't dwell regarding the details (see no. 1).
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4. Don't forget rendering!

3D modeling is awesome no doubt, but at exactly the same time, you need to manage to show off your projects. This was a blunder we made along my course. We ignored learning texturing and environment setup until the really end. Provided, I got a grip that is good modeling but I ended up with plenty of clay renders until I'd to actually sit back and diverge into learning proper rendering techniques.

5. Beware of inner beauty!

No, seriously! You'll experience ultimately that you'll be working on a 3D model for a very long time and also you've lost all sense of exactly what appears good or bad. You are going to move from your computer after extended hours of work and then return the day that is next scream out: "YUCK!" To avoid that, take mini breaks from time to time to sleep your eyes and mind through the image you've been observing for the previous number of hours.