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Started: 1.05pm, 11/1/2009.

Minutes: Brianna Laugher.


Stephen Bain (RO)
Brian Salter-Duke
Brianna Laugher (minutes)
Michael Billington (oberving)
James Recchi
Craig Franklin (RO)
Lloyd Nguyen
Pru Mitchell
Angela Beesley
Tim Starling
Peter Markham (RO)
Liam Wyatt
Sam Granleese
Nick Jenkins
Charles Gregory
Chris Mann
Nathan Carter
Gideon Digby
Mark Hurd
Andrew Owens
Sarah Ewart
Peter Jeremy
John Vandenberg
Chris Sherlock
Mark Ryan


To JamesR for his wiki work;

Computerbank for providing a venue;

Sam Granleese for providing a venue;

Nathan Carter for his work with memberdb for the election;

Thanks to the interim committee (Gideon).

Confirm incorp meeting minutes

Resolution: That the minutes of the incorporation meeting are accepted.

  • Moved: Stephen
  • Seconded: Tim Starling
All in favour
All in favour
All in favour
Without dissent
Mark Hurd, Gideon Digby

Carried without dissent

Receive ctte reports

Reports are up to 31 December 2008.

Treasurer's report (attached).

Some discussion

  • Question (Peter Jeremy): What is difference beteen income and expenditure if we have no assets?
  • A (Stephen Bain): Assets in this context refers to only physical assets.
  • Peter Jeremy: concerned cash in hand is not explicitly stated.
  • Nathan Carter: concerned that the method of accounting is not stated and not all assets are stated (eg cash, domains).
  • Brianna Laugher: This is only an interim report, as we are only required to complete a full report at the end of the financial year, ie the next AGM.
  • ?: Concern that current bank balance is not explicitly stated.
  • Stephen: Just as a matter of formatting, as bank balance is able to be determined from provided information.
  • Gideon Digby: new ctte needs to look at format of reports.

Resolution: That the treasurer's interim report is accepted.

  • Moved: Brian Salter-Duke
  • Seconded: Mark Hurd

Vote incomplete

Resolution: That the treasurer's interim report is accepted with the proviso that the domain name be listed as an asset, and the bank balance at 31/12 is explicitly mentioned, and the accounting method is noted as accrual.

  • Moved: Stephen Bain
  • Seconded: Nathan Carter
All in favour
All in favour
All in favour
All in favour

Carried without dissent

Secretary's report (attached).

  • Peter Markham: Who is the member outside Australia?
  • Stephen: That's not really something for the secretary's report.
  • Gideon: Are there any scheduled events not listed?
  • Brianna: The secretary's report is not like the monthly reports, this is just a report to CAV.

Resolution: That the secretary's interim report is accepted as is.

  • Moved: Gideon Digby
  • Seconded: Peter Jeremy
All in favour
All in favour
All in favour
All in favour

Carried without dissent


Voting: only skype/present members that haven't yet voted are Tim Starling.

Tim voted via Skype

33 members have voted

RO: Stephen


1 nomination

Winner: Brianna Laugher

Vice President

2 nominations: Liam Wyatt, Gideon Digby

Winner: Liam Wyatt


1 nomination

Winner: Sarah Ewart


1 nomination

Winner: Brian Salter-Duke

Ordinary Members (2)

3 nominations: John Vandenberg, Nathan Carter, Andrew Owens

Winners: John Vandenberg, Nathan Carter

Congratulations all round

[Pru from Brisbane left]

Resolution: A vote of thanks to the interim committee, and particular to John Vandenberg who is stepping down as Treasurer.

  • Moved: Brian Salter-Duke
  • Seconded: Andrew Owens
All in favour
All in favour
Without dissent
Without dissent
Brianna, Stephen, Nathan

Carried without dissent

Wiki conference discussion

  • Chris Mann: Basically, the consensus from the last IRC meeting was that people do want a conference this year, and have no objections to it being in Canberra. I will start a page on officialwiki to gather details and thoughts, as well as restarting discussion on the mailing lists.
  • Brianna: We could have the AGM there as well.
  • John: an AGM in Canberra sounds good. that puts it between July and Nov as Brian mentioned earlier.
  • Chris: Also, as the only financial Canberran member at the moment, it looks like I'll be heavily involved in the organisation of it no matter what, so I'll do my best to keep things going smoothly.
  • Liam: will it be an internal or public facing conference?
  • Gideon: Both?
  • Chris: That's one of the things I hope to get some member input on. Personally, I'm leaning towards a medium scope (as opposed to a huge Wikimania-like affair).

Generic support from IRC, Brisbane

Thanks to Stephen for acting as chair and RO

Close 2.19pm AEDST

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