2013 Annual Plan/Position Description

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Job Description: General Manager

Wikimedia Australia Inc.

General Description
Position Title: General Manager
Location: Brisbane
Remuneration: XXX
Other Benefits: XXX
Reports To: Staff Liaison, Management Committee

The Organisation

Wikimedia Australia is a local chapter of the Wikimedia movement, with jurisdiction over Australia. The Wikimedia movement is an international movement that consists of over thirty-five national chapters, the Wikimedia Foundation, and tens of thousands of volunteers around the world, and is responsible for projects such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and many others. Wikimedia Australia’s vision is for “A world in which everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.”

We were established as a non-profit organisation in Victoria in 2009, and have until this point been an organisation dependent on our members and volunteers to achieve our goals. However, our strategic plan, endorsed by members, calls for us to professionalise our activities in order to more effectively deliver programmes and projects. The organisation’s management committee is highly motivated in achieving this goal, and is seeking a General Manager to make it a reality.


Reporting to the staff liaison on the management committee, the General Manager (GM) will have overall operational responsibility for Wikimedia Australia’s programmes, staff, and execution of its mission. They will initially be involved in professionalising the organisation, procuring office space and developing revenue streams, and cultivating new opportunities to assist the organisation in meeting its goals, while maintaining the existing programmes and projects.

This position will be based in Brisbane, but will entail some work travel within Australia and overseas. It is a full-time role with some weekend work involved due to the nature of our volunteer base, but with time given off in lieu when weekend work is required.


Leadership and Management
  • Ensure ongoing excellence in project management, rigourous programme evaluation, and a high and consistent quality of ongoing work in finance, HR, administration, and fundraising
  • Active engagement of volunteers, including members of the management committee, members of the organisation, and volunteers in the wider Wikimedia movement
  • Develop, maintain, and assist the management committee, serving as requested on subcommittees and working groups, provide advice on strategic matters, and facilitate strong and effective committee involvement with ongoing programmes
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a small, high performance team of staff
  • Track the effectiveness, develop improvements for, and implement those improvements, on ongoing projects and programmes
  • Oversee and manage the implementation of the organisation’s strategic plan
  • Assist the management committee with its goal of professionalisation and growth, by procuring permanent office space, developing administrative guidelines and policies, and hiring staff where required to assist the organisation in meeting its goals
  • Develop and implement effective systems to ensure that all activities of the organisation are performed in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Engage, energise, and motivate volunteers, increasing volunteer awareness and participation in the organisation’s activities
  • Ensure that the necessary paperwork and forms are lodged with the relevant authorities, and that all contractual obligations of the organisation are met
Fundraising and Communications
  • Manage relationships with existing supporters, including during annual grant negotiations with the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Develop and investigate new revenue sources, and manage existing revenue sources
  • Develop and manage a portfolio of individual, corporate, trust and foundation prospects and donors, establish and build relationships that systematically lead to soliciting and securing high level financial support
  • Ensure a high standard of accountability and administration for all fundraising and other revenue raising
  • Represent the organisation at conferences and events, and in the media
  • Ensure that the organisation retains a positive and strong public profile
  • Annually review the organisation’s strategic plan to assess progress towards the organisation’s goals
  • Assist the management committee in reviewing items in the strategic plan to ensure that the plan remains relevant
  • Identify new opportunities for the organisation to meet its goals, and build on existing programmes to maximise the value they provide
  • Appear at meetings of the management committee when requested, and serve on subcommittees and working groups when requested by the management committee
  • Other duties as requested by the management committee from time to time


Mandatory Experience
  • Experience in a senior management role
  • Management experience in a non-profit or charitable organisation
  • Experience in working with volunteers
  • Experience with managing an organisation in the start-up phase
  • Experience in marketing, fundraising, or public relations, with a demonstrated ability to work with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds
  • Excellent speaking ability, including public speaking ability
  • Familiarity with Wiki technology, and an understanding or the ability to rapidly gain an understanding of the high-level concepts involved
Highly Desirable Experience
  • Experience with Wikimedia projects, their culture, and current issues within the movement
  • An understanding of the open source movement, including copyright and free licencing
  • An understanding of technical matters, particularly the MediaWiki software, and the technologies (such as MySQL and PHP) used to power it
  • Experience working in a strongly multicultural and multilingual environment
  • Experience working with GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) organisations
Other Desirable Attributes
  • Passion, idealism, and a positive attitude
  • Adaptability and the ability to cope with rapid changes in the operating environment
  • Proficiency in a language or languages other than English
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