2019 Australian International Airshow

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This report is incomplete

Work in progress

  • Goals: To document (photograph) the event with the aim of photographing aircraft for use on Wikimedia projects (e.g. Wikipedia).

Originally planned for a single day, this ended up being a two day event due to weather (extreme heat) but this had already been factored in with accomodation in the planning process and only required the late purchase of a ticket to the event and return transport from Melbourne to the airshow at my own expense for the second day. Travel from Wagga Wagga to Melbourne (return) was at zero cost as I had an unlimited NSW TrainLink travel pass that was purchased for another personal purpose.

Over 1500 photographs over the two days were taken, some of these are retakes, test shots or someone walking in front of the camera, so a conservative estimate that of the over 1500 photographs, only 750 will likely be uploaded. So far (as of 25 July 2019) 71 of the 82 photographs in Category:2019 Australian International Airshow are my own, of which three are used on Wikipedia and 12 photographs in March 2019 at Avalon Airport, with 1 photo in use.

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