2020–21 Annual Plan

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This is Wikimedia Australia's annual plan for the 2020-21 year. It formed the basis for our Simple Annual Plan Grant application for the same time period.


Following our first two years experience of planning, implementing and reporting against an annual grant, Wikimedia Australia is keen to build on this work in our third Simple Annual Plan Grant application. Following a consolidation phase in 2019-20, our plans have been interrupted since mid-March due to pandemic protocols. The chapter will focus on establishing online outreach activity during July - September, and we look forward to resuming a balance of online and in-person community events when possible.

As well as an allocation to support the costs of managing the chapter, we again seek funds to maintain the two program areas of: 1. Community Support 2. Outreach and Engagement.

Major achievements in our second year included several successful outreach and engagement events, many of which involved community members as facilitators. A key priority for the next twelve months is to build strategic partnerships with a number of these organisations, with a view to sustaining the initial interest and activity.

Our other key activity is engaging with, and supporting the editor community. Our online community meetings have had regular attendance. We plan to conduct a major scholarship program next year to support Wikimania, given our chapter's involvement on the planning committee. The small grants program has been simplified and we will promote this to the community more actively.

Our governance processes are well-established. Recruiting members to the governing committee and increasing the diversity of the Wikimedia Australia membership and committee is an ongoing goal for the next period.


Wikimedia Australia budget 2019-20 (includes per activity/per program targets)