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Wikimedia Australia is a young organisation and we are very much "finding our feet" in terms of discovering what we want to achieve and what we are capable of achieving.

Current activities

  • Setting up basic infrastructure and communication channels.
  • Organising booklets and pamphlets for outreach communication, to inform the general public of what we do, what Wikimedia does, and why it is important.

Future potential activities

That being said, here are some activities that we may consider in the future. Many of them have been conducted by other Wikimedia chapters.

  • Organise "m:Wikipedia Academy" events for academics/educators and/or the general public.
  • Some Wikipedia content has been set on the NSW HSC English syllabus for 2009-2012. We can certainly work with teachers, classrooms etc to help them better understand how Wikipedia works.
  • Reimburse editors who perform activities that benefit Wikimedia, e.g. attending some event/location to research it, giving talks about Wikimedia (outreach).
  • Organise "Wikimania Australia" national conference type events.
  • Organise workshops for editors on topics of interest.
  • Support Wikinews reporters with accreditation for access to some events.
  • Work with government, cultural and educational institutions to see if they can release works under a free license, potentially for use in Wikimedia projects, and/or use Wikimedia content in their works, and/or develop their own works within the Wikimedia projects.
  • Encourage/facilitate publication of Wikimedia material in other forms (eg books, CD ROMs).
  • Lobby for copyright laws and governmental practices that increase the body of free cultural works, lobby to protect and expand the public domain.
  • Contribute to Wikimedia technical infrastructure
  • Stimulate and fund MediaWiki development.

There is also a list of member ideas at m:Wikimedia_Australia/Activities.

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