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Community support

The following activities were held to support and strengthen the engagement of the Wikimedia community in Australia; to increase the diversity of participants participating in online and face to face activities, in terms of gender, region, language, and topics/sectors of interest; and to build community capacity, including engagement in the global movement.


WikiClubs are informal groups that meet locally based on shared geographic and/or thematic interests. They are self-managed and responsible for their own initiatives. They are a key port of call for supporting Wikimedia Australia initiatives, and in turn, they see Wikimedia Australia as a source of connection to wider national and global projects.

Three existing state-based WikiClubs met during 2018-19. Each WikiClub welcomes locals or visitors interested in finding out more, getting help with editing or other projects.


*WikiClub NT

*QWiki 2019

Volunteer Support Programme

Support for Regional and Global Events

Outreach and Engagement

Activities we engaged with in order to increase awareness and participation of new individuals and organisations; establish new collaborative partnerships; and encourage participation in global content competitions.

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