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Wikimedia Australia will be sponsoring a conference in early 2012. The conference will be focused on the development and dissemination of free cultural content through wikis, and will be open to anyone interested in the topic, from academics through to people who have never used a wiki.


The River Torrens in Adelaide, showing part of Adelaide's skyline and the Adelaide Festival Centre

The conference will be held over two days in 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia, and is intended to act as a bridge between academics interested in free content and wiki-based projects, developers, contributors and the general public. As such, the conference will consist of a mix of formal presentations, keynote speeches, panels and workshops in three tracks - one dedicated to formal presentations, one to a mix of formal presentations and panels, and one focusing on workshops and open discussions. Presentations should be aimed at the general public rather than an academic audience, and the event will coincide with a WikiAcademy to be run as part of the Workshops program.

In particular, the conference is intended to:

  • Encourage research into free content and the use of wikis,
  • Focus research on improving the use of wikis, in particular in terms of the creation and dissemination of free content
  • Introduce new researchers to the formal paper-writing process and peer review
  • Provide an opportunity for both academics and non-academics to meet and present their research
  • Provide an opportunity for those not involved in research to attend presentations, workshops and discussions in a friendly environment, at which they can provide their own input based on their experiences

Although there is expected to be a focus on the Wikimedia Foundation projects, this is not necessarily the case, and those interested in other wiki-based free content projects are more than welcome to be involved.


The theme is “Free content, wikis, and the future of online knowledge”. Importantly, the aim of the conference is to work towards the improvement of the use of wikis to create and disseminate free cultural content and knowledge, and thus papers, presentations and discussions with an practical focus or recommendations will be preferred.

Topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with GLAMs
  • Managing wikis: governance and enforcement
  • Encouraging participation
  • Editor retention
  • The use of wiki content in education

Presentations and Call for Papers

Papers should be no longer than 5000 words, and will be presented in 30 minute time slots - 20 minutes for the paper presentation, and 10 minutes for questions at the end. Each session will be managed by a session chair, and speakers will be provided with a projector and computer with internet access.

Presentations will to be selected via a formal paper submission process, due to open in October, 2011. Papers will be chosen though abstract submission, but with the assumption that a full, camera-ready 5000-word paper (maximum) will be available by early 2012.

If authors choose to do so, their papers can be submitted to a double-blind peer review system. The peer review system would not affect the selection of the papers, (although it could make recommendations about improvements), but papers which pass the peer review process would be marked accordingly. Peer reviewed papers would also be eligible for the “best paper” award.

While both those with and without academic backgrounds would be encouraged to submit papers, collaborative papers will also be accepted. Creative-Commons and Public Domain licensed papers will be encouraged.

Workshops, open discussions and panels

Anyone is welcome to propose a workshop, discussion session or panel, and if possible it will be fitted into the program. Current suggestions include a workshop on OTRS; Wikiacademy sessions to introduce people to editing on wikis; a session on copyright laws and plagiarism as applied to wikis; and information sessions and workshops aimed at the GLAM community.

Venue and facilities

The Art Gallery of South Australia, and part of the South Australian Museum on North Terrace, just a 20 minute walk from the conference venue.

Adelaide has a number of excellent conference venues and reasonably priced accommodation, as well as good food and a strong GLAM sector. The conference itself is planned for the heart of the city, with easy access to restaurants, accommodation, shopping, the state library, museum, art gallery, and markets, and a short walk from the centre of Adelaide’s cafe districts. The airport is approximately 20 minutes drive from the conference venue, and is well serviced by public transport.

The venue will include state-of-the-art presentation equipment. Along with the formal spaces, a number of informal spaces will be present for the use of members.


Further information is available from the conference organiser, Adam Jenkins, via

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