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What is it?

The Backstage Pass tour will be an ongoing series of events aimed at sharing the expertise of real-world institutions with our wiki-expertise. Principally this involves an organisation or interest group hosting a private tour for the benefit of local WikimediaAustralia members and in reciprocation we help improve the content on Wikipedia/Commons that is relevant to that organisation.

Advantages for the Institution

  • Outreach to a local interest group
  • Access to expertise on a significant feeder-website to their institution
  • Improved wider-community awareness of themselves through improved WP content
  • Potential recruiting of new people to their volunteer projects
  • Increased clickthroughs to their website & integration of their content

Advantages for Wikimedia Australia

  • Improved Australian content on Wikipedia/Commons
  • Justify the cost of Chapter membership
  • Personal learning/interest
  • Access to normally restricted places
  • Showing 'human face' of Wikipedia

The Pilot: Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has been kind enough to get involved for the pilot edition of this project. They are keen to integrate their collection with communities, online and in real life and therefore we are a good way to do that. Their largest number of non-search engine hits to their website come from Wikimedia Projects.

Date: A Friday in February 2009. The first Friday in March, the 6th.

They would prefer a weekday as this means less costs for them in terms of overtime pay on the weekends. Precise date TBD, please advise as to the best date....

What (Powerhouse): A private tour of the public and storage areas of the museum and other areas as requested (such as the gantries across the roof). They will then give us access to a wifi enabled meeting room where we can work on-wiki after the tour.

They will be providing -

  • 2 Curators (one tech/IT, one textiles/fashion)
  • Their photographer (to take photos at our request)
  • A registrar (to open the cabinets and handle items)

What (us): Between 10 and 20 Wikimedians. Full-members of Wikimedia Australia will be given preference, otherwise it is first come, first served.

We would help improve 4 types of content:

  • Articles about specific artifacts in the museum collection - this is their first priority
  • The museum's article - this is their second priority
  • Using photographs/information about powerhouse objects to improve other more generic topics
  • Suggesting text that Powerhouse owns that could be incorporated into Wikipedia if it had appropriate copyright licensing.

One More Thing: Sometime later on they will provide a mini-bus to take us to their public storage facility in Castle Hill. Normally 2 of 6 halls are accessible one day a month. We would be able to access all of them. This is where the "large objects" are stored. More on this later...

Issues of Discussion:

  1. Timing - when is a good time for us that is also a good time for them?
  2. Practicalities of editing - Normally wikipedians edit by themselves and not at the same time. This would be editing together, at the same time. We would need to facilitate the editing portion of the day well in order to be productive. Would it be in small groups? Would it be good to go one-on-one with the curators? Would we prefer to start a new article or improve an existing one? etc etc.

Sign Up :-)

The following folk signed up as interested;

  1. Privatemusings
  2. Witty lama, any date.
  3. ta.bu.shi.da.yu
  4. Casliber, 13 or 20th.
  5. PeterJeremy - preferably one of the later dates.

I think we're now heading towards a firm date of March 6th for this event. Please sign up below to confirm attendance;

  1. sign here
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