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Date: 2019-10-21
Applicant: Gnangarra
Amount requested: $77
Status: Approved (2019/10/24)
Outcome: Meeting at which this application was discussed: Discussed via email


Outreach and community awareness, this is part of WikiClubWest work with Seniors recreation Council of Western Australia. The Be connected event is focused on seniors and technology. WCW is promoting the use of Commons App as way of contributing while doing activities. WCW is alos promoting our fortnightly meetings and digitization of media for upload to commons.

  • Printing of flyers and posters $51
  • Parking for two vehicles $26


Criteria is to have;

  • follow up with at least one other participating organisation,
  • to talk with 25% of the overall attendees,
  • to gain insights as part of the preparation for Have a go day where the audience will be 15,000+
  • report on the event written.
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