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=== Resources ===
=== Resources ===
* [https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Main_Page Wikidata]
* [https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Main_Page Wikidata]
* [https://api.gov.au/service/715cdfd0-4742-402e-8729-086a7fd42a51 ABS API]
* Wikidata tools (QuickStatements, Mix’n’Match)
* Wikidata tools (QuickStatements, Mix’n’Match)
* Other Wikipedia census update processes, templates and tools:
* Other Wikipedia census update processes, templates and tools:
** Philippines Census Tool
** [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:PH_wikidata Philippines Census Tool]
** Commons infobox shows population and census year (but no reference, or density).  
** [https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Wikidata_Infobox Commons infobox] shows population and census year (but no reference, or density).  
* The Beta Wikipedia can be used as a testing/development environment.
* The [https://en.wikipedia.beta.wmflabs.org Beta Wikipedia] can be used as a testing/development environment.

=== Contacts ===  
=== Contacts ===  

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The Australian editing community has highlighted the ongoing challenge of keeping 20 years of Wikipedia content up-to-date. It has been set as a priority to address, as it is vitally important to retain readers' trust in Wikimedia platforms and information. To attract more editors to this area of Wikimedia Australia is researching and commissioning the development of a tool or bots to assist in the maintenance of Australian statistical data. Wikimedia Australia is seeking quotes to co-design and build an Australian Census Tool that partly automates the process of updating population data before the 2021 Census data is released in June 2022. The tool could work with minimal, or 'light touch' human endorsement and oversight, and the project will also include training and promotion about how it works. After evaluating the success of this pilot we will look to extend the project to consider other data sources, for instance data from the Bureau of Meteorology.


Automate the 2021 Census data (population and population density) to appear in Wikipedia Infoboxes that can also be used for future censuses (2026 and onwards) Enable the Wikimedia editing community to utilise the tool to update the population values presented in Wikipedia articles Meet Wikipedia’s referencing standards by providing a consistent citation to ABS QuickStats census site Update infoboxes to remove the non-automatic info, and check the use in prose of articles as well

Project components

Research and co-design a platform, language, data source and tool that can meet the objectives outlined above. There are several possibilities of how the objectives can be achieved, for example: Retrieving population figure, ABS identifier, point in time (census date) and reference from Wikidata Writing a module in Lua to retrieve and display census data for a particular census Making a template to wrap the module, and document the usage. This would have the pencil icon to link to editing the statement on Wikidata Adding the template to Template:Infobox Australian place using a user script or gadget in JavaScript (replacing manually entered 2016 census figures in the field).


Applications are due midnight Sunday 16 January 2021 (whatever timezone you are in).

This work must be completed by 30 May 2022.


  • Problem solving skills
  • Passion for open data
  • Willingness to learn new platforms
  • Demonstrated coding experience



Payment schedule: $1500AUD at project commencement on contract execution and receipt of a valid tax invoice and $1500AUD upon project completion.


  • A written response to the request for quote, including how you propose to deliver these key services and a timeline for delivery.
  • A current CV to demonstrate relevant experience appropriate for this service
  • If relevant, company or organisation information such as corporate status and insurance policies.
  • Two referees to whom Wikimedia Australia may address enquiries concerning previous experience in this area.

Applications should be submitted to contact@wikimedia.org.au by midnight Sunday 16 January 2021 (whatever timezone you are in).



Alex Lum President, Wikimedia Australia: alex.lum@wikimedia.org.au

Sam Wilson Committee Member, Wikimedia Australia: sam.wilson@wikimedia.org.au

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