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Wikimedia Australia is run by a committee that is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

The committee comprises four office-bearers and four "ordinary" members.

The current committee was elected on 9 October 2016 at the 2016 AGM.


Gideon Digby


Gideon Digby

Gideon Digby is a photographer from Perth and has been editing since 2005. He created the Quality image process on Commons in 2006 to recognise and improve the work of photographers providing images to Wikimedia projects. Additionally Gideon has been running editing workshops in Western Australia since 2010, and been leading the development of WikiTown projects like Freopedia.

Email: gnangarra-at-wikimedia.org.au

Pru Mitchell


Pru Mitchell

Pru Mitchell is based in Melbourne and works in the education and GLAM sectors, and is interested in furthering the objectives of Wikimedia in those areas.

Email: pru.mitchell-at-wikimedia.org.au

Tom Hogarth


Tom Hogarth is from Perth and has over 100,000 contributions across multiple Wikimedia projects, including activities like categorising, tagging and generally sorting content. Tom will be bringing those skills along with his experience on multiple volunteer committees in Western Australia & Tasmania.

Email: tom.hogarth-at-wikimedia.org.au

Robert Myers


Robert Myers

Robert Myers is from the Riverina region of New South Wales and has been contributing to English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for over seven years. Most of his time is spent on taking and uploading photographs for Wikimedia Commons, which are uploaded under a free-use license. He is currently studying Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design in Photography at Charles Sturt University and an NSW RFS volunteer.

Email: robert.myers-at-wikimedia.org.au

Caddie Brain

Caddie Brain is based in Darwin in the Northern Territory. In 2016 she began Wikiclub NT, a monthly meet-up update and create new pages about Northern Territory people, places and histories. She also works at Northern Territory Library managing events and exhibitions.

Email: caddie.brain-at-wikimedia.org.au


You can write to the committee at committee-at-wikimedia.org.au.

History of the committee

Official observers of the committee are in italics.

Term Time in office President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Ordinary Members
9 9 October 2016 – present Gideon Digby Pru Mitchell Tom Hogarth Robert Myers Caddie Brain
8 11 October 2015 – 9 October 2016 Gideon Digby Pru Mitchell Andrew Owens Andrew Owens[1] Charles Gregory, Robert Myers, Steven Crossin[2] Tom Hogarth[3]
7 5 October 2014 – 11 October 2015 Steven Crossin Gideon Digby Andrew Owens Michael Billington Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory, Craig Franklin, Kerry Raymond
6 23 November 2013 – 5 October 2014[4] Steven Crossin Gideon Digby Andrew Owens Michael Billington[5] Robert Myers, Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory, Craig Franklin, Kerry Raymond
5 18 July – 23 November 2013 Craig Franklin Kerry Raymond Graham Pearce John Vandenberg Steven Crossin, Charles Gregory
17 March – 18 July 2013 Craig Franklin vacant Graham Pearce John Vandenberg Kerry Raymond, Steven Crossin, Charles Gregory
25 November 2012 – 17 March 2013 John Vandenberg Graham Pearce Charles Gregory Craig Franklin Kerry Raymond, Steven Crossin
4 23 October – 25 November 2012 John Vandenberg Laura Hale Charles Gregory Craig Franklin Graham Pearce
9 October 2011 – 23 October 2012 John Vandenberg Laura Hale Anne Frazer Craig Franklin Charles Gregory, Graham Pearce
3 16 April – 9 October 2011 John Vandenberg Adam Jenkins Anne Frazer Craig Franklin Andrew Owens, Charles Gregory
9 September 2010 – 16 April 2011 John Vandenberg Adam Jenkins Sarah Ewart Craig Franklin Andrew Owens, Charles Gregory
2 26 May – 19 September 2010 Steve Peters Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Brian Salter-Duke Andrew Owens
9–26 May 2010 Steve Peters Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Steve Peters Andrew Owens, Brian Salter-Duke
29 November 2009 – 8 May 2010 Brianna Laugher Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Steve Peters Andrew Owens, Brian Salter-Duke
1 11 January – 29 November 2009 Brianna Laugher Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Brian Salter-Duke Nathan Carter, John Vandenberg, Andrew Owens, Gideon Digby
Interim 20 May 2008 – 11 January 2009 Stephen Bain, Daniel Bryant, Nathan Carter, Sarah Ewart, Charles Gregory, Brianna Laugher, John Vandenberg
  1. The position of Treasurer recieved no nomination and was declared vacant at the AGM, and a call went out for applicants. No responses were received, so the Secretary assumed the Treasurer position under Section 76 of the Act on 28 October 2015, and a resolution ratifying this passed Committee on 31 October 2015.
  2. The AGM was held on 11 October 2015, with two general committee member vacancies. On the 18th October, Steven Crossin was co-opted to fill one of the vacancies.
  3. co-opted to the committee as ordinary member 2 November 2015
  4. committee structure changed to 4 officers and 4 general members at the 2012 AGM
  5. The AGM was held on 23 November 2013, but there was no nominee for Treasurer and the position was declared vacant. On 4 December 2013, Michael Billington was co-opted to fill the role.

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