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Wikimedia Australia is run by a committee appointed each year at the AGM, according to our Rules which includes elections for contested positions. The committee consists of four officer bearers and two ordinary members.

The current committee was appointed on October 9, 2011 at the Annual General Meeting of 2011-2012.

John Vandenberg, President

John Vandenberg currently works in an administrative capacity in the Research Services Directorate at the University of New England. He has a Graduate Diploma from the Queensland University of Technology, and has worked as a network and software engineer as well as lecturing in IT at TAFE and private colleges.

Prior to becoming involved in Wikimedia, John was an open source developer, providing improvements to projects such as Mozilla, Open Office, Bugzilla and Apache Portable Runtime. In 2006 John shifted focus from open source to open content, becoming an administrator on the English Wikipedia and Wikisource projects in 2007. In 2008 and 2009 he served on the interim and inaugural Wikimedia Australia committee, and in 2009 he also served as Arbitrator on the English Wikipedia.

Vice president

Laura Hale.


Craig Franklin works as a business analyst, focusing on statutory financial reporting, cost accounting, and business intelligence. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the Queensland University of Technology and is currently studying for a Master's degree in library science and knowledge management. He has been involved in Wikimedia since 2004, creating dozens of new articles, especially on Australian history, political figures, and cricketers.


Anne Frazer.

Ordinary Members

Charles Gregory, Graham Pearce

In addition to the committee, Wikimedia Australia has the position of public officer, currently held by the Secretary.


You can write to the committee at

Any committee member can be individually contacted at (e.g. for Jane Doe, email

History of the committee

Period President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Ordinary Members
2011-10-09 -- present John Vandenberg Laura Hale Anne Frazer Craig Franklin Charles Gregory, Graham Pearce
2011-04-16 -- 2011-10-09 John Vandenberg Adam Jenkins Anne Frazer Craig Franklin Andrew Owens, Charles Gregory
2010-09-19 -- 2011-04-16 John Vandenberg Adam Jenkins Sarah Ewart Craig Franklin Andrew Owens, Charles Gregory
2010-05-26 -- 2010-09-19 Steve Peters Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Brian Salter-Duke Andrew Owens
2010-05-09 -- 2010-05-26 Steve Peters Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Steve Peters Andrew Owens, Brian Salter-Duke
2009-11-29 -- 2010-05-08 Brianna Laugher Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Steve Peters Andrew Owens, Brian Salter-Duke
2009-01-11 -- 2009-11-29 Brianna Laugher Liam Wyatt Sarah Ewart Brian Salter-Duke Nathan Carter, John Vandenberg
Interim (2008-05-20 -- 2009-01-11) Stephen Bain, Daniel Bryant, Nathan Carter, Sarah Ewart, Charles Gregory, Brianna Laugher, John Vandenberg

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