Contacting external organisations

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This page is intended to be an area where we develop good practice in communcation, both internally and externally. It's likely that we'd like to contact all sorts of external agencies for a wide variety of reasons - here is where we figure out 'best practices' to follow, and keep track of who's chatting to whom.

'How To'

It's usually as simple as flicking an email to a publicised contact of an organisation, and if possible suggesting a short meeting at a suitable time to discuss any desired outcomes (ie. from the vauge, but friendly 'we'd like to introduce ourselves, and talk a bit about possible future partnerships' to the more specific 'we'd really like to be able to work with you on project x - are you interested?'

This can be easier if you can find an opportunity to meet face to face or get someone to introduce you to the contact at a public meeting, a conference or social event. It's good to have a business card handy. Follow up with phone request to meet.

I'd envisage a lot more 'meat on the bone' in this section, so if you have any ideas - edit away!

Folk we're interested in chatting to

  • The Manly Sea Eagles - I'd love to attend a press afternoon, or training run, and get some high quality images etc. - I have the feeling that this would be fairly straight forward.
  • Regional organisations in NSW
I have the idea that a mini-travelling presentation might be desirable to stimulate interest in the Chapter and knowledge of WMF stuff in general. Two possible lines of attack come to mind, contacting Councils, and contacting Schools. I'm up for doing some of this, but probably only first quarter 2010.... Privatemusings 03:18, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

Folk we've established contact with

  • The Centre for Volunteering
Liam and Peter had a chat with the CEO and Comm.s officer which yielded much interesting and useful stuff - hopefully a relationship which can be built upon. Privatemusings 03:18, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
Sydney WMAU members have been in touch via email, and person-to-person chats with folk at the Powerhouse. See 'Backstage_pass' for more information about a current project.
I'm meeting with them next week having been introduced as part of the 'Wikipedia Loves Art' project - on flickr, facebook, and en :-) Privatemusings 05:40, 23 January 2009 (UTC) - meetings happened - relationship continues, largely through the fine efforts of Liam... Privatemusings 03:18, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
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