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Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia: Finding the common ground
at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 6-7 August 2009
Contact - Liam Wyatt: 0434 056 914
Press Release

Hashtag: #GLAM-WIKI and PDF transcript of the hashtag with a total of 874 tweets & 93 contributors from August 4th to 11th.
Collection of bookmarks tagged GLAM-WIKI


Media reporting:

Blog posts:

Introductory Information - the why, how and what of the conference. All the preparatory information formerly seen on the main GLAM-WIKI page before the event.

Schedule of the event itself.



  • Kate Lundy - Labor Senator for the Australian Capital Territory. (transcript)
"Finding common ground"
  • Jennifer Riggs - Chief Program Officer, Wikimedia Foundation. (slides)
"Everything you wanted to know about Wikimedia but were too afraid to ask"
  • Liam Wyatt - Vice President, Wikimedia Australia and convener of GLAM-WIKI (transcript)
"Opening remarks"

Panel Sessions:

  • "Politics & Policy"
    • Senator Kate Lundy, ACT Labor. Member of the Communications and the Arts Senate Committee
    • Senator Scott Ludlum, WA Greens. spokesperson for Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy
    • Alistair Coe, ACT Liberals, Legislative Assembly. Shadow minister for Heritage and Youth
    • Seb Chan, Powerhouse Museum and Gov2.0 Taskforce member
    • Paul Reynolds, Adjunct Director to the Digital Library of the National Library of NZ and the NZ National Digital Forum
    • Kylie Johnson, New Media Adviser, Department Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
    • Ian McDonald, Acting Director, Australian Copyright Council
  • "Closing remarks" - Jennifer Riggs, Mathias Schindler, Brianna Laugher, Liam Wyatt.

Law Stream:

  • Jessica Coates - Project Manager, Creative Commons Clinic. (slides)
"GLAM-WIKI: what libraries and archives can do"
  • Graham Greenleaf - Co-Director, AustLII. (slides)
"The Public Rights in Copyright"
  • Delia Browne - National Copyright Director, Ministerial Council for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs.
"Copyright and the rise of open content licensing"

Business Stream:

  • Seb Chan - Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies, Powerhouse Museum.
  • Mathias Schindler - Project Manager, Wikimedia Deutschland
"The anatomy of a 100,000 image cooperation: German Federal Archives, Wikipedia and the greater picture"
  • James Matheson - Practice Manager, CustomWare Asia Pacific (slides)

Education Stream:

  • Paula Bray - Manager of Visual & Digitisation Services, Powerhouse Museum
"Access: unlocking our content - Flickr Commons + beyond"
  • Susanne Ton - Manager of Multimedia Production, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (Video) (download)
  • John Quiggin - Professor of Economics, University of Queensland
  • Angelina Russo - Chief Investigator, Engaging with Social Media in Museums Australian Research Council project
  • Pru Mitchell - Senior Education Officer, (slides)

Technology Stream:

  • Rose Holley - Manager, Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program.
  • Kent Fitch - Lead System Architect, Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program.
  • Mathias Schindler - Project Officer, Wikimedia Deutschland
"The metadata ecosystem: moving records between Wikipedia and the German National Library"
  • Brianna Laugher - President, Wikimedia Australia
"Wikimedia Tech infrastructure" (slides)
"Wikimedia Commons: The media repository behind Wikipedia"

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