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Thursday 6 August 2009

08:00 Registration

08:30 Welcome: Liam Wyatt, GLAM-WIKI Convenor and Vice-President, Wikimedia Australia

08:50 Keynote: Jennifer Riggs, Chief Program Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation

"Everything you wanted to know about Wikipedia but were too afraid to ask"

9:30 The Community: Q&A Panel with Wikimedians. Questions arising and introductions.

10:00 Morning tea including message from CustomWare.

10:30 Themes - Best practices Objective - Successful case studes of working with free-culture in GLAM organisations

  • Education: Paula Bray, Image Services manager Powerhouse Museum
  • Business: Mathias Schindler, Project Manager Wikimedia Deutschland
  • Video presentations from international GLAM sector directors (it's a surprise...)

11:20 Theme - Law: Jessica Coates, Project Manager, Creative Commons Clinic at the CCi

"Key terms and issues when GLAM meets WIKI: copyright, access right, contracts, commercial use and re-use."

12:00 Theme - Law (con't) (Parallel sessions) Objective - Presentation and moderated discussion to establish mutual understanding of issues and develop draft recommendations

  • Delia Browne, National Copyright Director at the Ministerial Council for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs
"Copying and Communicating in the Digital age" (session for those with more limited eposure to copyright law).
  • Graham Greenleaf, Unlocking IP Project @ CLPC & Co-Director AustLII
"The Public Rights in Copyright" (session for copyright/access practitioners)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Theme

Objective - Establish mutual understanding of issues and develop draft recommendations
  • Education Roundtable (Theatre) - Enhancing outreach activities of both communities. Discussing ways to reach the audience including improving content, cultivating an online community and the value for students.
Moderator: TBC
Angelina Russo, Chief Investigator, Engaging with Social Media in Museums ARC project
Pru Mitchell, Senior Education Officer
  • Technical Roundtable (Courtyard Gallery) - Managing collaborations in practice. Looking at the ICT specifics including how Wikis operate, APIs and databases.
Moderator: Brianna Laugher, President Wikimedia Australia
Panellist: Tim Starling, MediaWiki Software Developer Wikimedia Foundation

15:00 Afternoon tea

15:20 Concurrent session 2

Objective - Establish mutual understanding of issues and develop draft recommendations
  • Law Roundtable (Theatre) - Focusing on copyright including "copyfraud", Creative Commons and public domain, access conditions and non-commercial usage.
Moderator: TBC
Graham Greenleaf, Unlocking IP Project & Co-Director AustLII
Delia Browne, National Copyright Director MCEETYA
  • Business Roundtable (Courtyard Gallery) - identifying how different business models can effectively incorporate productive collaboration including those based on physical visitation, relevance, digital usage, information dissemination and content sales.
Moderator: Angela Beesley Starling, Chair of Wikimedia Advisory Board
Panellist: Seb Chan, Manager Web Services Powerhouse Museum

16:50 Wrap up Day 1 (Theatre)

17:00 Close

19:00 Dinner

Friday 7 August

08:00 Registration

08:30 Policy and Politics Panel

Objective - Identify the policy issues that affect GLAM and WikiMedia
  • Panellists: Senator Kate Lundy & Senator Scott Ludlum
  • Representatives of Government departments, TBC

09:30 Parallel presentations Beyond Wikipedia

Objective - Demonstrate other Wikimedia projects
  • Wikimedia Commons: Brianna Laugher, President Wikimedia Australia (Theatre)
  • WikiSource and WikiBooks TBC (Courtyard Gallery)

10:00 Morning Tea and Launch

10:30 Plenary session: Summaries and recommendations from concurrent session strand moderators

Objective - Finalise recommendations

12:10 Closing session: Next steps, action statements and final conference communique

Objectives: Identify who can achieve what by when and set a course for future followups

13:00 Close

Afternoon meetings and workshops on request

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