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Wikimedia Australia is a technology partner for the GLAM Peak Digital Access to Collections workshop held at the Albury Library Museum, Monday 27 and Tuesday 27 November 2017.

Welcome to Albury

This free two-day workshop focussed on digitisation and the provision of digital access to collections, and provided Wikimedia Australia committee members, Pru Mitchell and Robert Myers the chance to network with regional GLAM organisations.

Twitter hashtag #digaccess_nsw

Wikimedia Australia stand GLAM Peak

Who attended

Albury Library Museum

8/13 VMR Regimental Collection

Albury Library Museum

Australian Golf Heritage Society Museum

Berry and District Historical Society

Chiltern Athenaeum

Flying Fruit Fly Circus Foundation

Greens Gunyah Museum

Headlie Taylor Header Museum

Headlie Taylor Header Museum

Heritage Preservation Services

Jindera Pioneer Museum

Lavington Family History

Leeton Shire Council

Monash Public Library Service

Mornington Peninsula Shire

Pioneer Womens Hut Tumbarumba and Tumbarumba High School

Prahran Mechanics' Institute Victorian History Library


Riverina Regional Library

Rutherglen Historical Society

Stanley Athenaeum and Public Room

Woolpack Inn Museum

Yarra Plenty Regional Library

Yarrawonga Mulwala Historical Society

What we want to learn

  • future proofing
  • what to do with the original after digitisation
  • database management and maintenance
  • how to plan for digitisation
  • how to choose a system
  • how to promote collections
  • how to engage with users of the online collection - make it a two-way conversation
  • digitisation technology
  • cross reference items across different categories
  • how to get agreement on prioritising
  • where to get funding, particularly for recurrent costs, or to update technology
  • what everyone else is doing
  • what is the best way to proceed

What worries us?

  • resourcing of volunteers and staff
  • how to maintain access - for general public
  • physical access to collections
  • obsolesence
  • copyright
  • how to access grants and funding
  • overwhelming size of the digitisation task
  • how to protect items during the digitisation process
  • how to educate volunteers on importance of digitisation
  • how to educate volunteers in use of technology, and spread the load
  • succession planning, getting younger people engaged in volunteering
  • how to get techsavvy volunteers
  • how to coordinate
  • lack of cataloguing
  • process for small collections is too complex
  • control of sensitive digitised material on the web
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