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Wikimedia Australia is a technology partner for the GLAM Peak Digital Access to Collections workshop held at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 November 2017.

This was a free two-day workshop giving attendees the opportunity to participate in training focussed on digitisation and the provision of digital access to collections, Q&A with leading technology providers, and the chance to network with other GLAM organisations.

Twitter hashtag #digaccess_tas

Who presented the workshop?

The workshop was facilitated by Wendy Quihampton and Lucinda Davison from the GLAM Peak project with presentations from

Lyndall Osborne, Wendy Quihampton and Lucinda Davison
  • Lyndall Osborne, AIATSIS
  • Janet Carding, Director of TMAG
  • each of the technology partners attending, and
  • case studies from two local museums

Who attended the workshop?

Upper Derwent United Hall
Bushy Park Hop Museum

What did GLAM participants want to get out of the workshop?

  • how to do this properly
  • how do we find out what each other has?
  • how do we match technology to available resources with workflows?
  • how to make the digitised collection accessible?
  • how do we make best use of social media, and make it easy for people to use the organisation's own image database in social media
  • what are we aiming for as best practice?
  • how do we get our organisations on board?
  • what is the next step after digitisation?
  • how do we manage the extra enquiries coming as we have created this new level of access?
  • how do we determine the value of what we digitise - how do we choose what to digitise, is anyone interested?
  • how to make our collections more accessible?

What are the problems that GLAM organisations are seeking to solve?

  • money
  • time
  • volunteers
  • copyright
  • privacy - especially for schools
  • resourcing
  • continuity for the sector
  • interoperability across the sector, right down to spelling
  • data storage limitations for many - hi-res images take space
  • digitisation is a buzz word in organisations, but do they really know what it means/entails?

How do GLAMs decide what to digitise first?

  • what a formal significance assessment has identified as priority
  • what people are asking for
  • what is at risk of deterioration
  • what someone will fund
  • what will support an exhibition or major event/anniversary

Digital Access Plans

Organisations discussed questions related to developing a digital access plan.

  • How will you provide digital access?
  • How will the collection be shared online?
  • Will you use social media?
  • What is your business model?


Indigenous collection items Lyndall Osborne, Executive Director Collections, AIATSIS

Links to Australian collections featured

Challenges that Wikimedia Australia could engage in

  • Build awareness of regional GLAM collections
  • Actively promote the benefits of Creative Commons licensing for small GLAM collections
  • Check out this list of collecting organisations in Victoria

Editing activity

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