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== Policies ==
== Policies ==
* [[Rules|Committee Rules]]
* [[Rules|Association Rules]]
* [[Communications_Strategy|Communications Strategy]]
* [[Communications Strategy]]
* [[Conflict_of_Interest_Policy|Conflict of Interest Policy]]
* [[Conflict of Interest Policy]]
* [[Indigenous_Knowledge_Sharing|Indigenous Knowledge Policy]]
* [[Indigenous Knowledge Sharing|Indigenous Knowledge Policy]]
* [[Media_policy|Media Policy]]
* [[Media Policy]]
* [[Privacy_Policy|Privacy Policy]]
* [[Privacy Policy]]
* [[Safe_Space_Policy|Safe Spaces Policy]]
* [[Safe Space Policy]]
* [[Scholarships_policy|Scholarships Policy]]
* [[Scholarships Policy]]
* [[Travel_Policy|Travel Policy]]
* [[Travel Policy]]

== Contact ==
== Contact ==
You can write to the committee at: {{nospam|committee|}}.
You can write to the committee at: {{nospam|committee|}}.

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The Australian chapter of the international Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Australia is run by a volunteer committee of four office-bearers and four ordinary members.

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Committee 2021

President - Alex Lum is originally from Hobart, Tasmania, and is currently living in Melbourne working in the higher education sector. He has been an editor on Wikipedia since 2005, an administrator on the English Wikipedia since 2008, and is a prolific contributor to Wikidata and OpenStreetMap. Email:

Vice-President - Role currently vacant

Secretary - Steven Crossin is from Melbourne and has been editing Wikimedia projects for over ten years. On wiki, most of his activities include dispute resolution and mediation, including improving processes and helping out at the dispute resolution noticeboard, which he created. He has previously worked for the Wikimedia Foundation as a research fellow. He has previously been on the committee from since 2012 (with a break for most of 2017) to and served as its President for the 2013-2015 period. Email:

Treasurer - Pru Mitchell is based in Melbourne and works in the education and GLAM sectors, and is interested in furthering the objectives of Wikimedia in those areas. Email:

Ordinary Member - Amanda Lawrence is a Melbourne-based researcher, librarian and project manager in the public policy and GLAM sectors. She is interested in furthering the open research and knowledge commons movements as well as contributing to Wikipedia content editing and community engagement. Email:

Ordinary Member - Jacinta Sutton is a librarian at the State Library of Queensland. Email:

Ordinary Member - Sam Wilson lives in Fremantle, Western Australia and works as a Software Engineer for the Wikimedia Foundation. In his spare time he does things on Wikisource, and takes part in any WikiClubWest activities. Email:

Ordinary Member - Tom Hogarth is a former Secretary of the WMAU, and lives in Perth, Western Australia on the Swan Coastal Plain. He is at times preoccupied by WikiClubWest, as well as components of the longer time frame of involvement in the wikipedia experience. Email:



You can write to the committee at:

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