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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is one of the most common ways of performing online-based communication, usually through an IRC server host. Wikimedia Australia has its own IRC channel #wikimedia-au on the freenode network, alongside many other Wikimedia Foundation channels such as #wikipedia and #wikipedia-en.

If you would like to talk to us on IRC, please join the #wikimedia-au channel. If you do not have a working IRC client such as mIRC or ChatZilla, you may want to use our web client, which is accessible here.

If you are not already a user of the freenode IRC network, you might want to consider registering your nickname which will give you a unique name on the network. You can also obtain a hostname cloak which protects your Internet host name from spammers and other exploits.

If you need assistance while using IRC, there are some helpful websites on the Internet that are sure to help you along your way.

If there are any problems on the Wikimedia Australia channel, contact one of the following channel operators.

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