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The Australian Government has announced that it plans to introduce mandatory filtering for Australian ISPs next year. This has proved controversial, and has been reported and debated around the world.

This page is an area for WMAU Members to pool resources, and discuss responses, ideas, and possible ramifications of this legislation.

An official Chapter position or statement?

Debate and discussion continues both on this wiki, and on the public mailing list as to the nature of any official WMAU statement or position on this issue. If you are a member, contribute your views here, or on the list, and consider adding a personal view below;

Personal Statements


I'm a pseudo-anonymous wikipedia editor, and Sydney based WMAU member - and as I've mentioned on the mailing list, I agree with a small part of the spirit of the proposal, in that I understand that some material (largely child pornography) really should be suppressed as fully as technology, policing, and society allows, but I'm nervous that this particular proposal is unworkable, technically flawed, and open to abuse. Having written a few drafts of this small statement, I find that I am in almost total agreement with the views expressed by the official 'Google' blog post on the matter. Privatemusings 06:12, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

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