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[[File:WMAU_BrandGuidelines.pdf|Download the guidelines here.]]
[[File:WMAU_BrandGuidelines.pdf|Download the guidelines here.]]

== Main logo ==
== Logos ==
===Full colour===
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_RGB.svg | SVG, vertical
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_RGB.svg | SVG, vertical
File:Wikimedia australia logo.svg | PNG, vertical
File:WikimediaAU Stacked RGB.png | PNG, vertical
File:Wikimedia australia logo.svg | EPS, vertical
File:WikimediaAU_Horizontal_RGB.svg | SVG, horizontal
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_RGB | SVG, horizontal
File:WikimediaAU Horizontal RGB.png | PNG, horizontal
File:Wikimedia australia logo.svg | PNG, horizontal
File:Wikimedia australia logo.svg | EPS, horizontal
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_Black.svg | SVG, vertical
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_Black.png | PNG, vertical
File:WikimediaAU_Horizontal_Black.svg | SVG, horizontal
File:WikimediaAU_Horizontal_Black.png | PNG, horizontal

== Wordmark ==
File:wmau-logo-horizontal-black.png | 2021, PNG 250px black
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_White.svg | SVG, vertical
File:wmau-logo-horizontal-colour.png | 2021, PNG 250px colour
File:WikimediaAU_Stacked_White.png | PNG, vertical
File:WikimediaAU_Horizontal_RGB.svg | SVG, horizontal, 2021 (problem with thumbnail)
File:WikimediaAU_Horizontal_White.svg | SVG, horizontal
WMAU logo (horizontal).svg | Old, SVG
File:WikimediaAU_Horizontal_White.png | PNG, horizontal
wmau-wordmark.png         | Old, PNG

== Other projects etc. ==
File:WikidataAustralia-logo.svg | SVG

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This page documents and provides access to Wikimedia Australia's approved brand assets. Note, there may be other logos available through this Wiki but the logos on this page are the latest approved files as of May 2022.

Brand Guidelines

This document is a reference point for use of the Wikimedia Australia logos and brand.

Download the guidelines here.


Full colour



Other projects etc.

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