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There are several '''mailing lists''' that are of interest to Wikimedia Australia members and supporters:
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# '''[ Wikimedia-AU-Announce]''' ([ latest posts]) General mailing list for updates about Wikimedia Australia. Public archives.
# '''[ Wikimedia-AU-Members]''' ([ latest posts]) For current Wikimedia Australia members only. A list where specific proposals, or member-related decisions can be discussed. Archives are only visible to list members.
Other lists (not in general use)
# '''[ wikimediaau-l]''' ([ latest posts]) public list used for announcements and general discussion about anything relating to Wikimedia movement and Australia (not specifically a WMAU list). Members and non-members are welcome. Public archives.
# '''[ wikimedia-nys]''' ([ latest posts]) public list for discussion about [[meta:Noongarpedia|Noongarpedia]]. Public archives.
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