Mailing lists

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There are several mailing lists that are of interest to Wikimedia Australia members and supporters:

  1. Wikimedia-AU-Announce (latest posts) General mailing list for updates about Wikimedia Australia. Public archives.
  1. Wikimedia-AU-Members (latest posts) For current Wikimedia Australia members only. A list where specific proposals, or member-related decisions can be discussed. Archives are only visible to list members.

Other lists (not in general use)

  1. wikimediaau-l (latest posts) public list used for announcements and general discussion about anything relating to Wikimedia movement and Australia (not specifically a WMAU list). Members and non-members are welcome. Public archives.
  1. wikimedia-nys (latest posts) public list for discussion about Noongarpedia. Public archives.

There is also a Committee mailing list, hosted on Google along with the chapter's email accounts, for current Committee members only. No archives.

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