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The third Annual General Meeting (2010-2011) of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® will be held on Sunday 19th September 2010.

Date, Time and Location

The AGM will be held on Sunday 19th September 2010. Members are invited to organise local AGM meetups around the country. These meetups will act as regional AGM venues. The secretary will appoint a member at each regional venue to act as a Returning Officer. Members unable to attend a regional venue may call into the conference call individually or use IRC.

If you are organising an AGM meetup, please provide the details on the relevant sub-page. If you are planning on attending a meetup, please sign your intended attendance on the relevant page.


The agenda will be provided prior to the AGM.

Notice is given of the following proposals for changing the Association's Rules of Incorporation:

Nominating for more than one Office

  • Motion: The committee proposes the Association's Rules are changed as follows:
  1. Replace 23 (2) by: A candidate may nominate for one only of the offices and/or as an ordinary member of the committee, but may only be elected to one position.
  2. Add at the end of 23(6): save that the ballot will be conducted in the order of offices as specified in 21(1) followed by the ordinary members of the committee, with any successful candidate for an office withdrawing, if nominated, from the ballot for ordinary membership of the committee.
  • Rationale: The committee recognizes, that where a member stands for an Office and fails, perhaps narrowly, to be elected, the committee may be losing valuable talent as the member can not be elected to any other Office or as an ordinary member of the committee. The committee discussed various broader proposals that would have allowed a member to stand for more than one Office, but there was no consensus to proceed with them. This motion merely allows a member to stand for one Office and as an ordinary member of the committee, withdrawing from the latter before the counting of votes if successful in the former.

Corporate affiliates

The committee proposes the rules be changed to allow corporate affiliates who would be entitled to attend AGMs but would have no vote.

  • Motion: The committee proposes the Association's Rules are changed as follows:
  1. The proposal is: Add a new clause 4(13): Corporations and other bodies may become affiliates of the association by resolution of the management committee. Affiliates will pay such fees as determined by the management committee. Affiliates may send representatives as observers to General Meetings but they can not vote.
  • Rationale: The committee discussed the whole issue of corporate affiliates and corporate membership, the latter differing from the former by having voting rights. There was no consensus to support the latter at this time, but a clause allowing the former was carried without dissent. It allows the committee to appoint affiliates, but does not force them to do so.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report

Participating via Conference Call

Conference call information will be distributed on the members mailing list.

Participating via IRC

  • Members may participate in the AGM by IRC through the channel #wikimedia-au-agm. If you have not used IRC before, you can find more information at IRC.
  • If you wish to participate via IRC, you must email with your intended IRC nick before the meeting, from the email address you registered with your membership details.
  • You must be "at the keyboard" for the duration of the meeting to be considered present.
  • Please note that you may not vote via IRC. Votes must be submitted using the information at voting via memberdb.


Members who are unable to attend the meeting may appoint another member to act as their proxy. Members wishing to appoint a proxy need to complete the proxy form and return it to the secretary no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the AGM. Only current financial members may act as proxies.

Committee election

All current financial members of Wikimedia Australia are eligible to stand for election to the 2010-2011 committee. All six seats on the committee will be up for re-election. The election will be held in the week preceding the AGM and the results will be announced and published during the AGM.


If you would like to submit a nomination for a seat on the 2010-2011 committee, please email the Secretary at A nomination must have two financial members supporting it and the candidate accepting it, and must be received by the Secretary before Sunday 12th September 2010. The secretary will add nominees to the nominations list once the nomination is complete and confirmed as valid. Nominees may provide a nomination statement if they wish. Once the nomination is complete and accepted as valid, the secretary will provide the nominee with a page where they may post their statement.

Elected Members

To be announced.

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