Meeting: 2011 AGM

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The fourth Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® will be held on Sunday 9th October 2011.

Any proposed agenda items require a special resolution, and must be published on 17 September, which is 21 days prior to the general meeting in accordance with the Rules. For more information relating to proposing amendments to the rules, and process regarding special resolutions, see the Act.


  • 17 Sept - agenda published, nominations for committee positions open
  • 18 Sept - announcement of AGM sent out to members
  • 27 Sept - 7 PM - nominations for committee positions close; membership list close
  • 1 Oct - 9AM (23:00 UTC) - voting for committee positions opens
  • 9 Oct - 10AM (23:00 UTC) - voting for committee positions closes
  • At AGM - returning officer (Brian) informs the membership of the results of the committee position elections

Date, Time and Location

The AGM will be held on Sunday 9th October 2011. The meeting will commence at 16:00 AEDST. (05:00 UTC)

Australia's separate time zones, including daylight saving time, mean the time for the AGM will vary across States and Territories as follows:

4.00pm AEDT (Vic, NSW, Tas, ACT)
3.30pm ACDT (SA)
3.00pm AEST (Qld)
2.30pm ACST (NT)
1.00pm AWST (WA)

Members are encouraged to organise local general meeting venues.

IRC participation on #wikimedia-au-agm.

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