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The fourth Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® will be held on Sunday 9th October 2011 at 16:00 hours AEDST.

Any proposed agenda items require a special resolution, and must be published on 17 September, which is 21 days prior to the general meeting in accordance with the Rules. For more information relating to proposing amendments to the rules, and process regarding special resolutions, see the Act.


  • 17 Sept - agenda published, nominations for committee positions open
  • 18 Sept - announcement of AGM sent out to members
  • 27 Sept - 7 PM - nominations for committee positions close; membership list close
  • 1 Oct - 9AM (23:00 UTC) - voting for committee positions opens
  • 9 Oct - 10AM (23:00 UTC) - voting for committee positions closes
  • At AGM - returning officer (Brian) informs the membership of the results of the committee position elections

Date, Time and Location

The AGM will be held on Sunday 9th October 2011. The meeting will commence at 16:00 AEDST. (05:00 UTC)

Australia's separate time zones, including daylight saving time, mean the time for the AGM will vary across States and Territories as follows:

4.00pm AEDT (Vic, NSW, Tas, ACT)
3.30pm ACDT (SA)
3.00pm AEST (Qld)
2.30pm ACST (NT)
1.00pm AWST (WA)

The official place for the AGM is 'Computerbank' at 483 Victoria Street, West Melbourne (near to Dryburgh Street). Members are encouraged to organise local general meeting venues.

Members will be able to connect to the AGM by both teleconference call and IRC.

We are seeking a team of volunteers to organise the teleconference. Please let us know if you can assist with this at the AGM.

IRC participation is on #wikimedia-au-agm. To participate through the IRC members will need to provide the intended IRC nick before the meeting; obtained from the email address when you registered as a member. You do not vote via IRC.


  1. Apologies, attendance (connect with returning officers in each locale)
  2. Thanks
  3. To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting and the special general meeting
  4. To receive the committee reports
    1. Treasurer's Report (in accordance with section 30(3) of the Act)
    2. Secretary's Report
    3. President's Report
  5. To elect officers of the Association and the ordinary members of the committee
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Ordinary Members (2)
  6. To vote on proposed changes to the Association's Rules of Incorporation (see below for details)
  7. Proposals

Rule amendments

These two rule amendments relate to Rules 9(5) and 10(9), which state that

"[Special/Annual] General Meetings may, unless a Special Resolution has been proposed, be held by teleconferencing between several centres. Each centre must have a Returning Officer, appointed by the Secretary, to report attendance and numbers voting on each resolution."

conferencing with special resolutions at general meetings

The general meetings of Wikimedia Australia have been conducted with participation using teleconferencing and IRC.

The current rule is interpreted to mean that special resolutions can only be proposed at in-person general meetings, which is not in line with how we have conducted our previous general meetings, which have all had special resolutions proposed.

Proposed changes to 9(5) and 10(9)
Remove ", unless a Special Resolution has been proposed".

conferencing methods at general meetings

The general meetings of Wikimedia Australia have been conducted with participation by IRC, whereas the Rules only indicate that teleconferencing is permitted. There is ongoing discussion about whether participation by IRC is desirable, however it would be beneficial if our Rules permitted it. Rather than specify "IRC", a more generic wording is being proposed.

Proposed changes to 9(5) and 10(9)
Change "teleconferencing" to "voice and text conferencing".
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