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Me, last year, acting on behalf of the WMAU committee in Dubai <grin>

Members, I'm from Perth, and my username for all Wikimedia projects is Graham87. Wikimedia Australia is well positioned to grow into a dynamic organisation to pursue our aims of promoting free Australian cultural content. There are several important challenges we need to actively address. One is that we have a lot of talent among the membership, but our geographical dispersion makes it hard to meet up physically (at least not often, and not in large enough numbers). Another challenge is to see our numbers expand further in the coming year to ensure that in addition to the eight capital cities we have representation from Australia's regions, and even its remote areas. Let's remember that our regions and remote areas contain rich arrays of cultural artefacts. We need to be thinking in terms of how to motivate members more effectively, how to get them talking to each other more often, and how the National Broadband Network (as it's gradually rolled out to serve 90%+ of Australians) will open opportunities for the chapter.

There are particular challenges in reaching out to the Asia-Pacific. The Pacific Islands don't have good Internet connectivity, but I'd like us to think about how we can help them to join the Wikimedia movement. Our northern neighbours have been identified as economically and culturally central to our future in Canberra's recent White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century. As a free-culture organisation, Wikimedia Australia needs to look carefully at where Australia's cultural, economic and diplomatic focus is taking us.

I suppose you might think I'm a quiet kind of guy to be vice president. Perhaps, but the committee needs office bearers who will work hard behind the scenes. And hey, when I really need to be, I'm not quiet! I've got the right skill-set to be vice president. I have strong communication skills, orally and in writing. I have a good mind for navigation among the movement's labyrinthine sites, and the ability to represent the chapter when called on in the wider movement. And I do have the time to be a key office-bearer for the chapter.

Among my wiki credentials, my first edit on the English Wikipedia was in February 2005 and I became an admin there in August 2007. At Commons I've uploaded many audio files of classical music, one of my passions, and I've done some hard yards in categorisation on that site. I've even uploaded my own little eccentric corner of images, of white canes (mobility devices for the blind)! I joined Wikimedia Australia in April 2011, and I've been a committee member since October 2011. I hope members will support my candidacy.