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* Adam Jenkins (Adelaide)
* Adam Jenkins (Adelaide)
* Nick Dowling (Canberra)
* Nick Dowling (Canberra)
* Peter Jeremy (Sydney)

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The secretary will add members names here if they will be connecting via Teleconference other than people attending an organised meetup venue.

There will also be a connection from the official AGM venue in Melbourne.

List of members connecting via teleconference

  • Liam Wyatt (Sydney)
  • Angela Starling (Central Coast NSW)
  • Tony Souter (Sydney)
  • Robert Myers (Wagga Wagga)
  • Graham Pearce (Perth)
  • Gideon Digby (Perth)
  • Charles Gregory (Hobart)
  • Craig Franklin (Brisbane)
  • John Vandenberg (Jakarta)
  • Adam Jenkins (Adelaide)
  • Nick Dowling (Canberra)
  • Peter Jeremy (Sydney)
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