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The Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® for 2013 will be held on Saturday 23rd November.

The scope of the meeting will be to receive the annual reports from officers of the association, and announce the results of the ballot for the management committee for the upcoming year.

The notice was sent out to members on 6 November 2013.



  • 9 November - Nominations open for election of new committee members
  • 16 November, 11:59pm - Nominations close
  • 18 November, 9am - Voting for new committee begins
  • 22 November, 4pm - Voting closes, IRC nicknames to be published on-wiki, proxy forms to be received
  • 23 November, 4pm - Annual General Meeting held
  • 30 November - Adjournment meeting (if required)


Nominations and seconds for positions on the management committee must be sent to the Secretary by 11:59pm (AEDT) on the 16th of November. Self-nominations will not be accepted and all nominations must be seconded. The person being nominated must be a current financial member of the Association.


Steven Zhang (statement)/(questions)
Nominated by: Craig Franklin, Kerry Raymond

Vice President



Ordinary members

four seats
Gideon Digby (statement)/(questions)
Nominated by: Craig Franklin, Graham Pearce