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Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to nominate for a second term as Secretary of Wikimedia Australia.


I am w:User:Orderinchaos, an administrator on Wikipedia and am active in geography, politics and local government over there, as well as being a rather active user on Commons. My academic background is variously IT, Chemistry, Mathematics and adult education, and I've worked in too many things to count. I served as a non-voting observer on the first full board through 2009, and as an elected Ordinary Member from 2009 until 2011. After attending Wikimania in Haifa in August 2011 on a WMF scholarship, I ran a successful event, Wiki Takes Joondalup, in the northern suburbs of Perth in November 2011 working with the Joondalup Library and several new and old editors to add almost 800 photographs of the area. I returned to Wikimedia Australia as Secretary in November 2013. I have also assisted Gnangarra on numerous projects including Wiki Takes Perth Foreshore and more recently Toodyaypedia, and historically, facilitated a session and otherwise helped out at GLAM-WIKI in 2009.


As a member of the Wikimedia Australia committee, my priorities are to ensure that Wikimedia Australia continues to function in a financially responsible way, continues to build on the significantly improved relationship we now have with the Wikimedia Foundation, and gets the projects that have been planned for the next term done in such a way that sets the chapter on course for a productive future and greater opportunities for member involvement. Many things were achieved behind the scenes that will make us more efficient as a committee and responsive to our membership, and I intend to continue to work towards these aims as well - in particular cleaning up procedures such as membership enrolment. In relation to the question about paid staff, Wikimedia Australia is not organisationally mature enough to manage staff at this point in time - and I'm aware that that is also the viewpoint of the WMF. I am leaving a proper review of the term to the Secretary's Report which will be completed well in advance of the AGM.


Thanks to my nominators and to others who have written to express support - I hope that I do not disappoint you! And thanks also to the 2013-14 Wikimedia Australia committee, who have been the best group of people I've had the fortune to work with across three non-profit organisations. The cooperation, good intentions, interesting ideas and lack of factions / unproductive conduct has been much appreciated. I hope to welcome all or most of you back, and that we can get this show on the road.