Meeting:2014 AGM/Secretary's report

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This has been my first term as secretary of Wikimedia Australia. It has certainly been a learning experience but a rewarding one and I believe we are well set to have a productive term in 2014-15 for which much of the groundwork has been laid. I have been fortunate to work with a diverse and productive team over the past term.


Wikimedia Australia has 43 members, ten down from last year. They come from the following locations:

  • New South Wales: 10
  • Western Australia: 9
  • Victoria: 7
  • Queensland: 6
  • South Australia: 4
  • ACT: 3
  • Tasmania: 3
  • Overseas: 1

Of our members, 10 (23.2%) are female - up from last year - while 4 (9.3%) are from rural areas.


On Tuesday 26 November 2013, Wikimedia Australia filed the 2013 SGM changes with Consumer Affairs Victoria, along with a request for extension of time. Both the extension and the changes were accepted by CAV on 11 February 2014.