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I became Treasurer on 28 October. Much of my work involved tying up loose ends from previous terms (some as long ago as 2010) with a view to handover to the next Committee. For instance, the chapter now has full access to its Paypal funds, through which most of the small donations arrive. It is now able to reimburse people more efficiently and there are careful policies in place hammered out by the outgoing Committee for the use of such mechanisms. And measures which improve transparency and scrutiny have been improved.

As at the AGM, we have $132.83 in our Paypal account and $40,692.07 in all other accounts. This is down from $62,804 at the last AGM.

The year's financial performance is outlined at File:Wikimedia Australia Inc. - Balance Sheet 2015-16.pdf. (Interpretation note: ignore the Bendigo balances, they are actually zero - the odd numbers are the result of a disconnected feed which is being sorted by the committee at present.)

Key expenditures during the financial year (July 2015-June 2016):

  • $7315.58 - Wikidata tour
  • $6920.42 - F2F meetings in Perth
  • $2395.61 - Darwin 2016
  • $655.70 - Wikipedia 15 parties
  • $508.44 - Volunteer support

2016 term had the best balance of project/outcome spending to admin spending of any term since our first. I believe the outgoing committee can be justly proud of this achievement.

I have already commenced handover with Robert Myers, who I believe will make a great Treasurer and who brings useful experience to the role both internal and external. I have appreciated working with him.

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