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Minutes of the 2018 AGM of Wikimedia Australia.


  • Meeting opened at 19:04 AEST.
  • Chair: Pru Mitchell.
  • Present: Caddie Brain, Tom Hogarth, Robert Myers, Pru Mitchell, Sam Wilson, and Julian Singh.
  • Apologies: Gideon Digby (proxy: Tom Hogarth) and Kerry Raymond (no proxy nominated).
  • Venue: Skype.

Welcome from President. Introductions from all present.

Sam moved that the minutes from the 2017 AGM be accepted. Caddie seconded. Minutes passed without dissent.


President's report tabled by Pru. Its format mirrors the APG structure, which directs our activities for the coming year. Anyone involved in any WMAU activities is encouraged to record the relevant metrics to assist in the APG reporting at the end of the year. Thanks given to all Committee members. Tom moved to accept report as tabled. Seconded by Caddie. Passed without dissent. No questions.

Secretary's report tabled by Tom. Spoke to Andy's visit and the ASA conference, from which the outcome of greatest concern is the follow-up with connections made with other like-minded organisations. We could perhaps look at starting a register of contacts (on commwiki), so that if people become busy other Committee members will know who has been contacted and about what. Tom encourages all Committee members to do what they can to increase membership numbers. Report moved by Robert, seconded by Sam, passed without dissent. No questions.

Treasurers report tabled by Robert, including the Wikimedia Australia Annual Financial Statements 2017–18. Thanks given to Robert for handling well the extra complexity of a report that has to span multiple financial years. Moved by Pru. Tom seconded. Passed without dissent. No questions.

Committee election

By close of nominations all titled offices were filled unopposed.

Pru nominated Caddie and Julian as ordinary members (their nominations were received after close). Tom seconded both, and both were elected without dissent.

General business

We thank Steve Crossin for his involvement. We haven't heard that he definitely doesn't want to take up the last vacant Committee position, so we hope he may still take it up. Pru will clarify this.

Robert moved that we acknowledge Craig Franklin's involvement with WMAU over the years. Passed unanimously.

The Committee will be having a face-to-face meeting while Asaf is in Australia. Pru will send out details about that soon.

Julian has been set up on GSuite (thanks Robert), and on the wikis.


Meeting closed at 19:46PM AEST.

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