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Minutes of the 2019 AGM of Wikimedia Australia.


  • Meeting opened at 19:04 AEST.
  • Chair: Pru Mitchell.
  • Attendees – Alex Lum, Steve Crossin, Jacinta Sutton, Sam Wilson, Robert Myers, Tom Hogarth, Dave Stern, Kartika Henry, Gideon Digby, Matt Moore, Anne Reynolds, Alex Sims, Brian Salter Duke, Thomas Shafee, Margaret Donald
  • Apologies: Kerry Raymond, Caddie Brain

Welcome from Chair - Pru welcomed everyone to the AGM

2018 Minutes -

Tom noted attendance at today's AGM is likely best attended since 2008/2009. Pru invited discussion of the minutes from the last AGM. No questions raised.

Motion: That the 2018 minutes be accepted
Moved: Sam Wilson
Second: Robert Myers
Carried without dissent


2018/2019 Annual report - required to document activities WMAU undertook for the period as required under WMF grant. Pru noted it was lengthy and -

President's Report

Pru discussed length of Annual report. DIscussed details of her presidents report - in particular the success of Sydney Community conference in her report. WMAU has grown out of its infancy and now is a more mature org dedicated to WMAUs cause. Paid tribute to community members, and the committee for their hard work. Last AGM only 5 were filled, ack Caddie and Julian's acceptance at AGM, and Steve's after AGM. Thanked Robert for his efforts in Treasurer role.

Noted Tom and his role as secretary and his efforts to categorise and organise committee meetings, minutes and procedures, and also his strategy role he's undertaken for the last three years and thanked for his support.

Gideon - difficult to sum his role. Served as observer in 2008-09, as WMAU's president for 2 years and VP for four. Involved in many activites in WMAU and the community, and WMAU thanks him and wishes him well. Noted the trophies/plaques for their service. Thanks Sam, Caddie & Steve for their support this year. Discussed committe F2F meetings in Melb with Asaf and strategy in Sydney.

Briefly discussed the things WMAU has done to support community (WikiClubs & Meetups), and VSP. Also disucssed outreach and engagement activities, such as GLAM & educ events. 108 new accts created by participants during year. Worlds of Wikimedia conf

Engaging in regional/global comm - funded for one person Berlin. Ingrid from Noongarpedia presented in Stockholm. ESEAP also discussed (3 delegates to bali, 2 to the Strategy event in June). Gideon/Robert on ESEAP 2020 Wikimania

Strategy recomm - Art+Feminism campaign, WL Monuments, ESEAP 2020 Wikimania

Motion: That the President's report be accepted
Moved: Steve
Second: Gideon
Carried without dissent

Robert mentioned timeline to give strategy feedback closes 1 September

Secretary's Report
  • Tom welcomed extra faces to AGM. Discussed membership issue - membership size has remained largely the same in our history and recommended comm address this. Ack Lise Summer (User:Morethangrass) Archivist Society of Australia and major part of the Asa 2018 conference in Perth -who passed away and her contribution to the community (WA editor)

Motion: That the Secretary report be accepted
Moved: Gideon
Second: Steve
Carried without dissent

Treasurer's Report

Robert discussed details of finances such as amounts in bank, assets, income and expenditure. 52 current members - with 53 once list reopens. 39,337.43 in assets in cash as of 30 June 2019. 73,480.59 in accounts as of 24 August. Went through itemised details of expenses the org incurred over year. Full details in his report. Robert noted this was his last term as treasurer and that the incoming treasurer will need to address some ongoing issues that are existing, such as credit card liability Acknoweldged Craig Franklin's assistance with sorting out banking issues in the past. Noted issues with backing up in Xero. Also issues with sorting out APG funding cateorisation

Thanked Gideon and Tom for their service in his report.

Motion: That the Treasurer's report be accepted.
Tom: Moved
Seconded: Gideon
Carried without dissent

Committee election

Noted that comm normally formed in October, but we've changed cycle slightly to align with reports, APG, and better period to get new comm up to speed.

Result of committee election. All positions were declared filled and no elections were required.

  • President: Pru Mitchell
  • Vice President: Alex Lum - intro User:Canley on Wikimedia projects. Was involved in early WMAU activitties
  • Secretary: Robert Myers
  • Treasurer: Steven Crossin
  • Ordinary members:
  • Jacinta Sutton - Brisbane, work started through her work at SLQ,
  • Matthew Moore - facilitated WMAU strategy meeting in 2011.
  • Sam Wilson - Tech guy, WA.
  • Caddie Brain - NT

General business



Meeting closed at 5.49pm

Informal discussion

  • Community meeting - Tom - for members of WMAU to interact with other members and committee - recommended more than once in a year Matt - supported and elaborated on the usefullness of such events