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Financial statements

The attached financial statements will be submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria and Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission as part of our annual information statement.


The association held assets of $372,385.68 at 30 June 2022, on a cash basis. There was

  • $369,660.27 in the cheque account
  • $2,159.40 in the debit card account
  • $566.01 in the PayPal account


WMAU received a total of $401,708 revenue for the 2021-22 financial year, made up of:

  • Membership dues: $543
  • Donations: $8,766
  • Simple APG 2021-22 grant: $76,344
  • General Support Fund 2022-23: $291,600
  • Music project grants: $24,000
  • Facilitation of event: $455


$76,343.58 was received from the Wikimedia Foundation in July 2021 as our Simple Annual Plan grant for the 2021-22 financial year. In June 2022 the General Support Fund allocation of $291,600.00 was received to fund our strategic plan activity for 2022-23.

WMAU also received $24,000 in grants for The Record music project from the Australia Council and the City of Greater Geelong.


Wikimedia Australia was funded by a Wikimedia Foundation grant for 2021-22, to implement our annual plan. During 2021-22 most expenditure was in the form of contracting consultants to deliver on the programmed work.

Community support

In 2021-22, in-person meetings remained limited and most community support funding went towards Wikidata Fellowships, the Census project, and a project to integrate government agencies data from the National Archives of Australia with Wikidata, plus $4,000 for conference scholarships.

Outreach and engagement

Funded activities in Outreach this year included commissioning a report from Jumbunna Institute to guide discussion of description of First Nations content, prizes for Wiki Loves Earth, and supporting a Wikimedian in Residence at the Australian Music Vault.



Following the pilot last year, we enjoyed two days a week of Executive Officer time as a consultant ($42,440). This was seen as an important step in separating out some of the operational work that took away capacity for committee members to exercise their strategic role. This role worked across the community support and outreach programs.

In addition to expenses against the Annual Plan there are ongoing operational costs such as bank fees, software and subscriptions, insurance, and communications. We also engaged Media Arts Law to draft agreements, and KeyAdmin for accounting support and to set up payroll.

Concluding remarks

A personal thanks to Alex and Amanda for their prompt attention to requests for approving payments. This year has been another major step up for the chapter, with the development of a multi-year strategic plan and funding. Thank you to the WMAU Committee and to Caddie for achieving so much in this year, and setting us up so well for an even bigger two years ahead.

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