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15:00 AEST start #wmau-comm

Attendance, apologise, absence

Attendance: Craig (Chair), Anne (Minutes), Adam, Andrew, Brian (observing), John.

Apologies: Charles

Absence: None


Rules of Incorporation

Changes to the rules carried without dissent at the Special General Meeting held on 2011-04-16 have been edited into the rules of association, and can be located within the document in 'green' type.

Membership report

We have received three applications for membership since the April meeting; all of whom have been accepted. Reminders to pay have been sent to them. Anne to be instructed in the use of the CiviCRM database of members.

Correspondence report

Incoming mail consisted of three emails (i) request to link a website to en.wikipedia (books and list of writers); (ii) request from David Crochet to update Wikimedia Chapter on WMF; (iii) email from Abbas Mahmood, Kenya, with the same request.

Finance report

Craig reported on the primary account and donations account, and Paypal. And that funds are to be directed to WMF from the fundraising.

Bendigo Bank signatory to accounts. Anne to accompany Brian who will arrange for the paperwork to be completed. Craig is to sign and file with Bendigo, Brisbane.

Telegraphic Transfer service in hand by Craig and Brian.

Other action items

Committee Survey. All committee members are encouraged to fill out the committee survey. John, Craig and Adam have completed it.

A description of the problems which arose from the confirmation of minutes waiting until the next meeting. There may be a need to review procedures in the present guidelines regarding the timetable for drafting the minutes. Further discussion required.

Craig has received information regarding human resources for a three month period to do fundraising, records keeping; it covers salaries for agency temps. Craig will make the documentation available on the comwiki.

Early Bird Renewal Discount

Discount on membership renewal. The greater part of the discussion took place on the membrship list.

Motion: "That the committee reduces the membrship fees for continuing members to $20 for normal members and $10 for concessional members, provided that payment is received before 2011-06-30."

Moved: Craig,

Seconded: Adam

Motion carried without dissent [IRC Log 16:31]

It was suggested the membership discount be included in the WMAu Newsletter.

WMF Grant 2011

Motion: "That Wikimedia Australia makes a charitable grant of USD$132,854.48 to the Wikimedia Foundation for general charitable purposes in furtherance of our shared charitable purpose of developing and effectively disseminating knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content via freely accessible online information repositories whose content is freely and collaboratively editable."

Moved: Craig

Seconded: John

Motion carried without dissent [IRC Log 16:50]

Writing system strategy document

Motion: "That Wikimedia Australia commissions Michael Everson to prepare a writing system strategy document in consultation with the Wikimedia Language Committee, to be published on Meta. A maximum amount of $2000 will be allotted for this purpose."

Moved: Craig

Seconded: Adam

Motion carried without dissent [IRC Log 16:59]

Travel grant for Batak script project meeting

Motion: "That Wikimedia Australia will provide a US$300 travel grant to allow key people to meet in Indonesia to discuss potential Batak script usage in Wikimedia projects."

Moved: John

Seconded: Craig

Motion carried without dissent [IRC Log 17:02]

Petty Cash

Discussion on a petty cash resolution to have two floats of $100 each handled by Brian and Craig, refilling to $100 at the beginning of each month, and reportable monthly to the committee.

Action: Resolution required

Meeting closed - at 5:03 hours (AEST)