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Saturday 16:30 AEST start #wmau-comm

Attendance, apologies, absence

  • Attendance: John (Chair), Craig, Anne (Minutes), Charles, Andrew, Brian (observing).
  • Apologies: Adam (in Vienna)
  • Absence: None


Public Officer - CAV acceptance of rule amendments

Draft letter to be sent to CAV, composed by Brian, for discussion by committee regarding a typographical error in the submission of rule changes to CAV: Corrections made to the Rules build on the post 2010 AGM. Draft confirmed; Brian to visit CAV early next week.

Strategic Planning Sub-Committee Sydney July 16-17

Proposal to create a $5000 fund to cover transport and catering expenses for the Strategic Planning workshop in Sydney in July.:

Craig reported on the upcoming workshop advising there are no charges for the venue hire at Cancer Council Australia. The sub-committee will be attending (confirmed to date: Craig, Anne, Gnangarra, Angela (accommodation only), and that there is a proposal to invite stakeholders not on the sub-committee. To this end discussions are continuing regarding representation from WMF, Craig informing the meeting about the positive remarks flowing from WMF on the work of WMAU sub-committee. Brianna Laugher (past President WMAU) has been invited and as yet has not confirmed. It was decided to approve the budget but retain a role in approving who is attending at a cost to WMAu. Budget items will need to cover travel and catering costs.

Motion: "That WMAu allocate to the Strategic Planning sub-committee $5000 for travel expenses. The sub-committee to provide the committee with the names of people, outside the sub-committee, who would like to attend planning sessions, prior to approval." [Log: 17:02:04]

Clarification was sought and it was affirmed that the sub-committee be open to any committee members attending and includes WMAu providing travel expenses for the committee members who can attend. John informed the meeting that the current motion allows for that with oversight by the committee.

Moved: John Seconded: Craig Support: Andrew, Anne, Charles. Carried without dissent. [Log: 17:16:19]

Extension of time to 30th September for submission of final draft to Committee:

Motion: "That the committee extends the deadline to the 30th September (from 30 June) for submission of final strategic plan draft to Committee."

Moved: Craig Seconded: John Support: Andrew, Anne, Charles, Carried without dissent. [Log: 18:11:27]

IRC Discussion 2011-06-05

John indicated the members IRC on June 05 was a great meeting. The committee discussed saving the log onto the commwiki with a view to discussing it on the mailing list. We agreed on the importance of advertising our open meetings better.

On the IRC Craig spoke about the work being done on the WMAu strategic plan. Andrew explained some of the subjects and issues in Western Australia and was considered valuable feedback.

John explained that the UK Chapter is using geonotices for notification of their IRC chat; and it was thought prudent that WMAu place a notice on the site a week or so prior to our IRC chat date.

Current Projects

Internal Minute: Item under Current Projects, Log 17:21:22 through to 17:25:56 is an Internally Minuted item.

Internal Minute: Item under Current Projects, Log 17.26.21 through to 17:31:13 is an Internally Minuted item.

Membership Report

Four (4) new applications for membership since the last membership report to the committee; to-date one has been paid with three to be followed-up.

Current membership is 69 fully paid members. There are some 14 potential membership follow-ups currently being done. Received membership payments three new members who applied prior to the last membership report to the committee.

The Committee were reminded to renew before 30th June.

During a review of the membership, the committee identified that a member had not been added to the members mailing lists when they joined and paid their dues in January 2011.

Motion: "That the membership of [redacted] is extended to 30th June 2012, at no extra charge."

Moved: Craig Seconded: Anne Support: Andrew, Charles, John. Carried without dissent. [Log: 17:38:34]

In the process of renewing another member, the committee identified that the member had been unintentionally dropped from the members list when we switched to the new server. They were resubscribed.

Correspondence Report

Emails received:

  • request for grant from J. J. Harrison. The committee did not discuss this item during the meeting.
  • James Hare querying Chapter's approach to scholarships for Wikimania. Craig suggested WMAu's response be that the chapter hasnt been involved in provision of scholarships to date, and will consider our position on this for next year.
  • Correspondence was received via Liam on 6th June 2011 from Lodewijk Gelauff in May requesting that Chapters send advice on their '3 coolest projects'. The committee discussion on the 3 coolest projects included: Dogwood Crossing workshop; GLAM-WIKI; submission Australian Digital Future Directions; Qld Museum donation; Powerhouse Museum backstage pass. It was agreed to defer our response for a week and put regional WikiAcademies programme in the list once we had a memorandum of understanding regarding the pilot at Dogwood Crossing.

Finance report

  • Bendigo Bank arrangements:
    • Paperwork to remove Sarah as signatory and add Anne as signatory has been submitted and yet to be processed. Craig to confirm arrangements if not satisfactorily completed. Craig is discussing e-banking arrangements with Adam, including ancillary requirements.
    • Current cash at bank: $332,913.94.
    • The payment of USD$131,854.48 from Wikimedia Australia to Wikimedia Foundation is pending. Test payment went through successfully, and Craig is discussing with Brian and Anne the best way to transfer the full amount.
    • Reimbursements of $171.00 for Andrew; no receipts yet. Andrew indicated he would send the receipts the following week.
    • We had 19 donations in May, with a net value of $449,42.


To be paid

CAV expenses: Reimbursement made to Brian for expenses incurred with CAV.

Outstanding receipts: Reminder that any outstanding receipts need to be submitted in order to allow for completion of reimbursements.

Follow-Up: Andrew agreed to follow up with SatuSuro regarding outstanding receipts.

Estimated future costs

Wikimania 2012: Craig advised his intention of applying for a grant to attend next year's Wikimania conference. [Log: 17:43:55]

Meeting Closed

18:15 AEST [Log 18:13:02]