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There was discussion of a few minor spelling errors.
There was discussion of a few minor spelling errors.
;Motion: That the [[Meeting:Committee (2013-05-19)/Minutes|Minutes of the meeting held on 19 May]] be accepted
;Motion: That the [[Meeting:Committee (2013-05-19)|Minutes of the meeting held on 19 May]] be accepted
:;Moved: Craig
:;Moved: Craig
:;Seconded: Steve
:;Seconded: Steve

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There was a Wikimedia Australia committee meeting on 16 June 2013. It started at 3:20pm AEST.


  • Attendance: Craig, Kerry, John, Graham, Steve
  • Apologies: Charles (observer), Ross (observer)
  • Absences: Nil

Minutes of previous meeting

There was discussion of a few minor spelling errors.

That the Minutes of the meeting held on 19 May be accepted

Carried without dissent

Conflict of interest policy

There wasn't much significant feedback on the policy. There was discussion about the fact that it referred to the Associations Incorporation Reform Act of 1981 rather than 2012. This was fixed.

That the conflict of interest policy be approved.

Carried without dissent

Timing of AGM

There was a discussion about the timing of the AGM meeting in relation to the FDC due date. The committee tentatively decided to have the AGM on 17 November.

  • Arrow green.svg Action: for Craig to email members about the upcoming AGM
  • Arrow green.svg Action: For Kerry to create a 2013 AGM timeline

Charity registration and public liability insurance status

Steve provided an update on our submitted charity application, noting that a registration officer had contacted him and we would most likely be successful, but that we will be formally notified within a fortnight.

It was agreed that the public liability insurance with Allianz would be fine.

That the committee accepts the offer from Allianz for public liability insurance.

Carried without dissent

2014 annual plan and relevant components

There was a discussion about the ARC research grant; there has been no news about it, but the committee should hear about it by the end of June.

There was discussion about the poor editor retention rate with the SLQ training programs. It was proposed that a survey of session participants be created.

  • Arrow green.svg Action: For Kerry to create the survey.

Action items

  • Steve to ring up CAV: Done
  • John to email Frances about education symposium report: not done
  • John to process reimbursements for education symposium: done except John, Kerry and James
  • John to write campus ambassador plan: not done, but he said it will be done by the next public meeting
  • Kerry to provide update on situation with Kerry Kilner: waiting for Frances' report
  • John and craig to discuss progress on Wikipedians in residence: Craig declared a potential conflict of interest with the Queensland government. The committee noted this, but because other committee members are not affected in this way, this will not be a problem. The committee should tell the State Library of Queensland that they can either fund the program themselves now or wait to see if Wikimedia Australia can get funding for it from the Wikimedia Foundation.
    • Arrow green.svg Action: For John to email the SLQ about funding (cc-ing Kerry)
    • John has uploaded more images from the State Library of Queensland. There are now 22,854 or almost half of the SLQ images on Commons.
    • Arrow green.svg Action: For Craig to write a report for James Alexander at the Wikimedia Foundationabout what the merchandise would be used for
  • John to provide update on the public expressions of interest for the Procurement subcommittee: not done, but will be done today
    • It would be worth noting that the committee must know the members' real names
  • Steve to provide an update on public liability insurance application and ask how close the non-binding figure in the letter of intent has to be to the figure we present in the actual application (for the FDC): both done, second doesn't matter
  • John to follow up with Wikimania organising committee: done, but we'll find a venue for dinner for ourselves.
  • Arrow green.svg Action: For Steve to email members, asking for comments about the 2014 annual plan(based on the round 2 FDC application)


Meeting closed at 4:47 PM