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Committee meeting

28 December 2014

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

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Monday 28 December 2014, 16:00 AEDST
  • Start: 16:07 AEDST; 13:07 AWST (West Coast)


  • Attendance: Steven, Gideon, Michael, Pru (left 16:54), Kerry
  • Apologies: Andrew, Craig, Charles
  • Absences


The minutes of the 13 December meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Gideon
  • Second: Kerry
  • Support: Michael, Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Actions from previous meeting

  • Timing of committee meetings
    • Ongoing, Kerry emailing Craig to ask him to fill it out.
  • Merchandise
    • Ongoing, Charles not present.
  • Administrative officer discussion
    • Draft contract emailed to committee prior to meeting.
    • Strongly desirable for a QLD-based admin who can do conference work as well.
    • Action: Pru to do further refinement of contract document and send to committee.
  • Bank move
    • Action: Steve to print and post the Westpac account signup form.
  • Queensland heritage
    • If we can get up to 5 people to vote for it, it goes to the department (already done). A person from the department looking at in the new year. Noted that Department of the Environment has a good track record for open licensing.
  • Annual plan 2015
    • Action: Michael to do finance for the annual plan.
    • Action: Ongoing, Mike to do arithmetic on page 2 (projected income & expenditure).
    • Action: Michael to remind everybody in a week's time to look back at this.
    • Action: Mike to create email address help@wikimedia.org.au (as alias of the committee list)
    • Michael notes that expenditure under the annual plan are approved, so reimbursements/payments for these projects can be processed without a vote, up to the included limits.
  • Charles to reply to Axel with answers re camera programme. (done)

Website update

Update from Mike.

ACTION: Michael to prepare a single-page placeholder for site, and report from Adam back if we can get an ETA. Logo from http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Australia


Action: ALL read thru review the Conference outline provided by Kerry via email

Next meeting 11 Jan 2015 or 12 Jan 2015, pending confirmation from Steve (waiting for input from Craig).

Meeting closed 6:17pm AEDT.