Meeting: Committee (2015-06-01)

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! Monday 1 June, 20:00 AEST
! Monday 1 June 2015, 20:00 AEST
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Meeting closed 22:02 AEST
Meeting closed 22:02 AEST
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Monday 1 June 2015, 20:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 20:19



  • Present: Steve, Michael, Gideon, Pru, Charles, Andrew
  • Apologies: Craig, Kerry
  • Absent:

Previous minutes

The minutes of the 24 May meeting be accepted:
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Pru
  • Carried without dissent.

Action items from previous meeting

  • ACTION: Gillian will email her report to the Committee list in the first instance for later publication.- done
  • ACTION: Steve to write up and post conference report to the Committee - done
  • ACTION: Steve to draft initial response to email from Network Ten. - done
  • AGENDA Item: To develop process for this kind of query (press enquiries) - discuss
  • ACITON: Steve to write up delegation of committee work - done (discuss)
  • ACTION: Michael to report on CiviCRM/Drupal
    • Not so bad, we meet the requirements, with a fiddly caching issue being the only real hurdle here.
    • Demo of the same version we'll have: [ link removed ]
  • ACTION: Michael to finalise SSL purchase
  • ACTION: All to read over the SLQ MOU and raise any issues by Friday. Craig to clarify issues with SLQ.- review done
  • ACTION: Mike to write instructions for subscribing to notifications from the sign-up spreadsheet. - done


Finance report

  • N/A

Membership report

  • ACTION: Steve to email newest member

Other reports

Berlin conference reports (Gillian's and Steve's) - received.

Incoming correspondence




  • Delegation of committee work - to be discussed
    • Management of incoming correspondence - Andrew
    • Public announcements to announce-l: Charles.
    • Social media in general: Charles
    • Press/media queries: Gideon (Note timezone accessibility)
      • Backup: Steve
    • Publishing minutes & resolutions: Andrew
    • Foundation Liason: Steve
    • Reimbursements - Michael & signatories
    • ATO reports
      • BAS - Mike
      • AusKey to update ABR- Mike (or Andrew if unavailability).
    • CAV - Andrew
    • ACNC - Steve
    • Membership
      • Requests come in via Paypal and request sent to committee.
  • Mike to send WMAU tax invoice to new member (which is in addition to Paypal)
  • Delegation of approval to Andrew, note that the end responsibility for membership approvals still lies with the committee. Andrew to add member to CiviCRM
  • Can be vetoed as soon as practical. Deemed final at committee meeting after membership app is received.
    • Steve sends welcome letter after committee meeting following application
    • -- Gideon
    • Quarterly news- collation of reports & overview for the announcements (& members??) list. - Pru
    • All committee members
      • Contacts made in a WMAU capacity to be logged, second person to (Craig to do this)
        • ACTION: Mike to email craig and let him know.
      • COI register (overseen by Steve)
  • Creation of meeting agendas - Steve
    • Planning/dates/notifications - Steve
  • Publishing of financial reports from aplproved minutes (BAS, cash summary)
  • Maintaining calendar of events - Kerry
  • Announcing AGMs and other general meetings - Andrew
  • Maintaining the public wiki list of past and future events
    • Event organiser (overseen by Kerry)
  • Maintaining resolutions database - Andrew
  • Reporting to members after committee meetings
  • VSP reporting follow-up & approval of small VSP's: Gideon
    • Internal policy: Any VSP's less than $100 within our statement of purpose will require a 1 para summary of how the support was used & the benefit to WMAU.
  • CEP remains a whole-of-committee decision.
  • Projects should have two people involved
Wikimedia Australia resolves to switch to automatic membership approval under the oversight of the secretary, where applicants pay the applicable membership fees at the time of their application, and are automatically accepted, subject to veto by the committee.
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Michael
  • Support: Gideon, Pru, Charles, Andrew
  • Carried without dissent.

ACTION: Steve to implement buttons in PayPal and on the wiki. ACTION: Andrew to update details on membership page ACTION: Mike to install CiviCRM w/ Drupal for tracking memberships.

  • Conference update and discussion - 1hr
    • Discussed with Alex - to touch base again.
    • Action: Steve to add "Call for presentations" button on Wiki main page.
    • PEG pasted on Meta wiki
  • Strategic plan - 20 mins
  • General business - 5-10 mins
    • AGM date
      • Sunday 1 November discussed as a provisional date to work toward (can set exact date closer to the time)
      • gives us 4 weeks to be ready after conf, and allows 4 later dates in case adjournment on quorum is ever an issue
  • 2016 (Charles)
  • Some letter for renewed members? Yes :)

General business

Andrew has been reworking the committee section of the public wiki to create central repositories - all meetings, resolutions and other committee activity for each term will be grouped together, and there's also a repository of general meetings to assist reporting to regulators.

Next meeting: Sun 14th Jun 18:00 AEST

Meeting closed 22:02 AEST

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