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25 June 2018
Committee meeting

9 July 2018

23 July 2018

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

Wikimedia Australia committee meeting, Monday 9 July 2018, 4.00 / 5.30 / 6.00pm Skype

  • Attendees: Pru, Sam, Gideon, Steve, Tom, Robert.
  • Apologies: None.

Previous meeting

Minutes of Previous meeting, Monday Monday 11 June 2018 Meeting:Committee (2018-06-11) (meeting 25 June was deferred for lack of quorum).

Moved: Sam; seconded: Pru; passed without dissent.

Business arising and actions

  • APG

: Clarify requirements from Morgan and report back to committee (Pru) - email from Delphine


: Grant Report format and pages in CommWiki - Tom and Sam - Sam waiting on information from Michael B on configuration of

    • Discussion via email on reporting for APG, including events (All) - added to this meetings agenda
  • Wikimania 2017 report public version (Tom) - to do
  • ESEAP conference 2018 reports (Robert & Tom) - Partly done [LINK REDACTED] - to complete


President's report (Pru)

  • Update WMAU Safe Spaces Policy - to do working with children requirements
  • Planning 1 Jul - AGM - next agenda
  • Annual Plan - details of responsibilities relative to reporting requirements internal document and calendar [LINK REDACTED] - committee members to add to their calendar

Secretary's report (Tom)

  • Explanation of email motions to comm wiki (Tom) -
    • Do we need some way to ensure proposals are seen by all committee members (technical solution)?
  • Records management processes and backups - (Tom, Sam, Pru) - needs more work before end of fy. Will happen more after the move of the wikis to WMF servers.
  • Leave of absence - missing meetings - processes - require policy and process re announced absence
  • Position and policy/process for communicating major events and notices to membership and community
  • inward correspondence and documentation of outcomes [LINK REDACTED]
  • affcom issues - related organisations to be included reciprocal membership issue
  • Recovering parts of rules and regs from some years ago —

: Tom to update procedures re changing of committee members in light of new CAV


  • NZ author question about Wikipedia image licences for publishing (Pru responded)
  • John Kidston re StarThinker.Org partnership (Gideon responded)
  • Jimmy Wales re EU Copyright response (Pru responded)

Treasurer's report (Robert M)

  • Acc: $61,417.92 CC: $141.62 PayPal: $ 405.96
  • Income; $70 (7 x $10 membership renewals), $33,725.00 (WMF APG), $100 (2 x $50 donations), $100 ($100 donation), $10 (donation), $4.15 (acc interest), $0.01 (cc interest)
  • Expenses: $50 (Xero), $2,500 (ASA sponsorship), $109 (Syd Accom Wikimania), $60.90 (Melb Wikipedia seminar), $379.02 (Wikimania registration, $780.01 (Gideon GLAM-Peak flights), $36.98 (Gideon business cards), $1,593.58 (Andy Tour flights), $1,403.10 (Kerry GLAM-Peak Cairns), $703.36 (Cape Town accom), $710.94 (GLAM Peak Broome), $130 (Wikimania travel insurance), $7.78 (PayPal fees)
  • CC Top-up; $150
  • APG tracking:
    • Chapter Governance - Software/Subscriptions; $28.08 (Linode, Web hosting)

: Remove the names of previous account holders, Andrew Owens and Steven Crossin from the Wikimedia Australia, Inc Westpac account -issues with printer to print out the minutes needed to do this (ongoing)


: Treasurer to organise additional card with Westpac - per above

Membership (Pru)

  • Membership recruitment strategies
  • Membership form draft

: Pru to start email conversation

Communications report (Caddie)

  • Newsletter May/June 2018 feedback:
  • Sending the pdf designed version is preferable to the email version where possibly the mailing list is stripping images
  • Robert currently using an InDesign template
  • Planning August 2018 newsletter - add the link to agenda

Technical report (Sam)

Website hosting for public and private wiki.

  • Update and discussion on domain change
  • If we move to WMF hosting we'll still need to maintain domain with a minimal monthly hosting fee
  • Alternative option for hosted mediawiki with our own domain (as some other chapters do) - on donation basis
  • MOTION: That WMAU migrates and to Miraheze for an annual donation AUD$240
    • Moved: Tom. Seconded: Robert. Passed: All.

: Sam to contact

Proposal to the members list and a final vote - newsletter - N/A

  • Phabricator board Current tasks:
    • T185875: Move the server(s) Ansible config to a public repo — Has been started; see
    • T185880: Close WordPress site — All content has been copied to the public wiki. A backup and archive still need to be created, etc.
    • T185976: Upload dump of public wiki to Internet Archive — No action
    • T189432: Thumbnails broken for local uploads — This and the next will be handled only if we decide not to switch to WMF hosting
    • T191787: PDF files under 2 MB fail to upload —
    • T189178: Remove unused email accounts — Now we're not paying for individual accounts (is that right?) this is less crucial. Andrew Owens is the only one who's replied so far, but we've not yet archived his data and deleted the account.

Discussion on changing meeting infrastructure


Events list

WMAU event list main page - Discussion about front page events

  • events we are supporting / funding /
  • reporting on events for APG
  • does WMAU have any approval processes for events?
  • Meetups are fine to list

: Tom will commence further conversation about moving events to past events and ways of indicating of reported events

Local activities

  • WikiClub NT (Caddie)

: Tom write up for next AGENDA

  • June Maritime Museum - meetup
  • York meeting, 12 June Gideon (APG: Outreach). -- [LINK REDACTED] &
  • Jul-Sept SLWA - ongoing. 3 workshops on Sat/Sun. (APG: Community Support).
  • Toodyaypedia - issues with wp editors negative impact - result Gn trip Toodyay 1/6 - still in discussion

: Sam add SLWA events to -- Yes check.svg Done

Melbourne (Pru)

  • Public History panel, 12 June
  • Meetup, Sun 8 July Fed Square



: Tom get a report from Jeremy

  • Mid-August possible Sydney Meetup


National activities

Digitising Kit (WA) [LINK REDACTED]

2018 WikiTour Spreadsheet [LINK REDACTED]


: Wikimania materials: A4 handouts, stickers,

GLAM Peak 2018


: Reports outstanding

  • Toowoomba Jacinta
  • Newcastle: Gillian
  • Cairns: Kerry - done
  • Nuriootpa: Pru
  • Alice Springs: Caddie
  • Broome: 26-27 June 2018 - Gideon [LINK REDACTED]

  • GLAM Peak follow up activities

: Record prospects and activities on comm

TROVE Consultative Group (Pru) Report on meeting Monday 4 June at National Library

Global activities

ESEAP 2019 (Gideon) Gideon working on the feedback from Indonesia Meeting with Robert and Tom next week

Wiki Loves Earth (Gideon)

  • Judging
  • Communications

Wikimania 2018 (Robert)

  • President's meeting delegation
  • Coolest projects [LINK REDACTED]



: Steve set up Google form for next meeting

  • Documentation [LINK REDACTED]
  • Promotional material
    • Should we have stickers, pens (cheap), USB sticks (cheap) made to give away?
    • Materials available from Wikimania (Robert)


Meeting closed: 5.47 / 7.47pm

Next meeting: Meeting:Committee (2018-07-23) 4.00/5.30/6PM

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