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The Wikimedia Australia board will be in Melbourne on 5-6 January for a board meeting on the Saturday 5 January, and a public meeting on Sunday 6 January. Remote participation from other parts of Australia will be catered for. (facebook event)


The purpose of the meeting is to revise the wmau:2013 Annual Plan, given the unsuccessful outcome of FDC Round 1, to be available for approval by WMAU membership in February as agreed at the Meeting:2012 AGM.

We'll also be:

  • Preparing any WMF Grant program requests,
  • Planning for our FDC round 2 application, and
  • Developing an operational plan for non-WMF revenue streams.

Melbourne venue

w:La Trobe University has kindly provided us with a free venue at their Melbourne CBD campus for both Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Board meeting

The board meeting is on 5 January. All members of the board will be present.

Public meeting

The public meeting is on 6 January.

In Melbourne will be limited seats; probably about 15 seats (in addition to the board members), but we've yet to confirm that number.

Our public meetings are also held on IRC channel #wikimedia-au for remote participation. We can also use Google Hangout and Skype to connect remote people.

We may also use teleconferencing if another venue has enough people to justify the call costs.