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The Wikimedia Australia board will be in Melbourne on 5-6 January for a board meeting on the Saturday 5 January, and a public meeting on Sunday 6 January.


The purpose of the meeting is to revise the wmau:2013 Annual Plan, given the unsuccessful outcome of FDC Round 1, to be available for approval by WMAU membership in February as agreed at the Meeting:2012 AGM.

We'll also be:

  • Preparing any WMF Grant program requests,
  • Planning for our FDC round 2 application, and
  • Developing an operational plan for non-WMF revenue streams.

Melbourne venue

w:La Trobe University has kindly provided us with a free venue at their Melbourne CBD campus for both Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Board meeting

The board meeting is on 5 January. All members of the board will be present.

Public meeting

The public meeting is on 6 January.

It will be limited seats; probably about 15 seats (in addition to the board members), but we've yet to confirm that number.