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Meeting_talk: 2012 AGM/Candidates/Michael Billington

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Hi Micheal, thank you for your statement I have a couple questions

  1. Without naming or identifiing the candidate if one exists do you have concerns about working with any candidates to further the goals of WMAU?
  2. What is your opinion of the relationship between WMAU and The Foundation, can it be improved?
  3. do you have any plans that would cause you to be unavaiable for an extended period of time?

Thanks Gideon Gnangarra 19:47, 15 November 2012 (EST)

Question from Tony1

Michael, thanks for putting yourself forward! Are you familiar with the education programs undertaken in North America, India, and other places? They're complicated in structure and outcome, so you're quite forgiven if you haven't gone there; but if you have, are there lessons for any education program we might conduct in Australian schools and/or universities? Tony1 17:32, 16 November 2012 (EST)