Powerhouse Museum

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See here and here for general information about The Powerhouse Museum.

The Powerhouse Museum has become involved in free content through the releas of many images, via flickr, with no known copyright restrictions. Various wiki editors have incorporated these images into various projects, and WMAU has had some contact with the museum with a view to working together, for example providing reports on image usage which may support momentum for further release of media :-)

This page is intended to centralise information concerning the possible relationships between the museum and the chapter, brainstorming and record keeping.

Current Image Usage

User:Privatemusings has uploaded several 'sets' of images from flickr to wikimedia commons, and persuaded a friendly bot operator to create this list - comprising the images from two sets. This script allows any editor to check the usage of images throughout the 'wikiverse', and this tool allows any editor to check individual article statistics. In this initial stage, this manual process is one way of producing reports as to image usage, and traffic on wiki projects - if you have technical expertise and any ideas for the automation of such a process - please do get in touch!

Example Stat.s

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