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This page is a proposal being developed by our members.

Due to regularly fluctuating income, Wikimedia Australia has decided to not focus on employing staff fulltime. Instead it will implement a human resourcing approach that allows outsourcing of administrative tasks, is flexible enough to provide access to highly skilled tasks, and builds capacity by engaging our community as paid consultants at a fixed cost model.

Register of contractors

A register of contractors will be maintained on the public wiki. Anyone interested in being contracted for WMAu work will apply to the committee, providing their ABN and supporting information such as a description of their expertise and availability. The committee will make a decision on the candidate. If approved, the committee will add the applicant to the register. The prospective contractor will be required to post their supporting information to the public wiki.

Members of the committee of management may not be contractors on the register.


If an applicant has made significant contributions to any Wikimedia project, they must disclose their username to the committee. The committee may make inclusion on the register dependant on disclosure of their userrname, or any other disclosure deemed appropriate.

Units of work

Each unit of work to be allocated is to be described on a WMAu public website, with a fixed cost associated with it.

The Wikimedia Australia committee of management will approve units of work, after which the outsourcing committee will be responsible for determining which contractor can fulfil and should be allocated the unit of work.

When a unit of work is allocated to a contractor, the identifier of the selected contractor will be placed on the public page describing the unit of work.

Units of work should comply with the principles at wmau:User:Lankiveil/Green Paper: Staff Hiring Principles for Wikimedia Australia.

Outsourcing committee

After the Wikimedia Australia AGM elects a committee of management, the new committee of management must establish an Outsourcing committee, which is responsible for allocating units of work to contractors on the register of contractors.

The outsourcing committee will consist of seven members:

  1. three contractors who are on the register of contractors and have not been treasurers
  2. two additional members of the Wikimedia Australia organisation who are not on the register of contractors
  3. one member of the international Wikimedia movement
  4. the Treasurer

For the three contractors, preference will be given to the contractors who are also established Wikimedia contributors.

The organising committee are expected to allocate units of work to the three contractors who sit on the organising committee to quickly complete work requests.

The organising committee is at liberty to develop its own decision making processes and procedures, which are to be documented on the public website and be reviewed periodically by the committee of management.

The Treasurer may refer any decision of the Outsourcing committee to the Committee of Management.


Any member of Wikimedia Australia who fulfilled the legal responsibilities of a Treasurer of the organisation at an AGM may be an observer of the Outsourcing committee, subject to confirmation by the Wikimedia Australia committee.


Appointments commence once the committee of management has announced the outsourcing committee after the AGM, and concludes when the committee of management announces the AGM date at the time required by the rules and Act.

The committee of management may replace any member of the Outsourcing committee at its discretion.