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This is a proposed table for members to enter their basic details. The purpose is to make it easier for members, and the chapter overall, to understand the geographical and thematic scope of the membership. in such a demographically dispersed country, knowing who is roughly where can help us to achieve our goals throughout Australia.

The list is entirely optional. Please remember that it's publicly accessible. If you enter your name, you're free to give as little or as much information as you wish. For example, you may wish to give no information about where you live; or your state/territory alone; or to be as specific as stating your city/region.

List of members

Name (real or wiki username) Location Interests and skills Current availability
Tony Souter, (en.WP page) Sydney, inner west English language, classical music, science Restricted until early March; freest in winter
Graham Pearce (en.WP page) Perth Classical music, history All year round
.. .. .. ..
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