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This proposal is to remove the WCA council member from the Wikimedia Australia committee, as decided at the January board meeting, and provide more structure to this role.


In February 2012 the committee decided that the ordinary members of the committee, Charles Gregory and Graham Pearce, would represent the organisation at Wikimania 2012 and, in June 2012, Charles was selected as the Wikimedia Chapters Association (WCA) council member to represent the organisation at the first WCA meeting held at Wikimania.

In January 2013 the committee decided in principle that our WCA council member should not be a member of the organisation's committee, due to the time commitments of this role conflicting with WMAu committee work, and also recognising the benefits of involving members of our organisation in roles and duties that do not need to be undertaken by the Wikimedia Australia committee.

It was also decided in January 2013 that the WCA council member would be responsible for applying for funding for Australians attending the meta:Wikimedia Conference 2013, which would not be funded by Wikimedia Australia so that our reserves can be used on programs which have a greater impact on our strategic plan.

Term limit

The WCA Council Member will have a two year term.

At the conclusion of the inaugural appointment, the role of WCA council member will be appointed by the committee after an election of the membership.

Should a WCA council member become a member of the WMAu committee of management, they automatically vacate the WCA council member position and the committee of management will hold an election at the earliest opportunity.

The committee of management may vacate the WCA Council Member seat by resolution.


The WCA Council Member is expected to attend every meeting of the WCA that is held online, and try to attend any physical meeting of the WCA where it can be justified.

For any decision of the WCA, the council member is required to engage the Australian public community and/or membership of the organisation, using the most democratic and transparent process possible and appropriate depending on the nature of the decision of the WCA.

The council member must report to the membership after every WCA meeting with a full account of the activities at the meeting, and the position they took on behalf of Australia on all matters discussed at the meeting.

The council member should periodically inform the membership of ongoing WCA discussions.


In April 2013, Charles Gregory will be stepping down from the office of Secretary of Wikimedia Australia, and retaining the role of WCA council member.

Charles Gregory will hold the council member seat for two years from appointment on 16 June 2012.